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Roatan, Honduras: The Bay Island I cannot escape

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Oh, Roatan: what a rock! I made my first pilgrimage to pay my respects to the dive gods in 2007 to do my divemasters at Pura Vida, now Splash Inn. I have since been back to Roatan two times, and I have loved it more each time! (Beautiful beach, typical Roatan)

Roatan’s Mesoamerican Barrier Reef is the largest barrier reef in the Caribbean Sea and is second largest worldwide after Australia’s Barrier Reef. As such, this island is a retreat mainly for diving, which is appropriate as it boasts some of the best diving I have experienced in all my travels (basically a world tour of diving hot spots) these last 3 years.

I returned to Roatan after my divemasters three years later this past September. It was rainy season but the diving was still great on the south side of Roatan. Roatan is currently experiencing a lionfish invasion, so my friend Kate Warburton, another Roatan ex-pat, Martin my dear friend and divemaster instructor, and I formed a Swish Lionfish hunting team with the motto “Eat a lionfish, Save a reef!” Check out a previous blog about lionfish hunting and overpopulation in Roatan: http://blog.swishsuits.com/bid/49915/Marine-Sanctuaries-Protected-by-Team-Swish-Lionfish-Hunting! (Swish Lionfish Hunting Team: Kate Warburton and Martin Cabrera Deheza) This island is so addictive with it’s lush scenery, great diving, and laid back vibe that I actually just returned home to Playa del Carmen, Mexico from my third trip to Roatan a couple weeks ago. I have to say my last trip was my favourite on the island so far!  The highlight of the trip was by far the shark dive which Martin took me on.  Check it out: (Me, Chelsea Berg Swish Creator, with the reef sharks)

Martin even managed to find me a tooth that had been broken by a shark during feeding! (Check out Roatan Shark Dive for more info!)

I also went on some amazing night dives, where I was able to see this elusive octopus along with some other crazy night creatures! (Picture courtesy of Martin Cabrera Deheza)

This trip I had the pleasure of venturing slightly out of Roatan and going over to another one of the Bay Islands, Utila with my friend Trevor Brown, owner of Ocean Connections Dive Shop. I had never been to Utila before and on the way back from our overnight we saw and swam with about 20 bottle nose dolphins and some of their calves! (Deserted islands in Utila, Bay Islands)

I have had my longest encounters with dolphins here in the Bay Islands, and just to add to the magnificent experience, Trevor spotted a sperm whale about 20 min after our dolphin swim! I am always amazed by the aquatic life that inhabits these waters.

As a finale of my trip, Martin, decided to become a Swish Dealer. We go to work planning a launch party at Nova Eco Lounge but our suits got stuck in customs, ahhh! But no worries, it just means I will have to return to the island and my land-dwelling and aquatic friends soon, and that you, dear reader, might be able to make the Swish Party. (Like the wetsuits???? Check out our eco-chic wetsuits: www.swishsuits.com)

So I will be Swishing back to Roatan soon, but in the meantime if any of you need any info or contacts in Roatan, please do not hestitate to contact me anytime: chelsea@swishsuits.com!