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Reality in Paradise: Tales from Playa, by Brenda

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This week we are introducing a new blog series to the Swish Life written by our Chief Operational Officer Brenda! She will be telling you all about making a permanent home in paradise in her new blog "Reality in Paradise: Tales from Playa."

A little bit about Brenda

Brenda has her finger on the pulse of Playa del Carmen, Mexico having moved there at age 21 after falling in love with the place on vacation. Brenda works for Swish Suits and also planning parties that bring some of the biggest DJ's in the world to her home. Brenda was a professional ballet dancer and a yoga instructor in Canada before she moved to Mexico and you can see her on the beach on any given day dancing and doing yoga! Brenda truly lives "la vida hermosa."

Reality in Paradise: Tales from Playa

By Brenda

We have all had those days when we are sitting there on our couch, hiding from the unpleasant elements taking place outside our window, and watching TV. Some reality show taking place in paradise will come on and you think, "I wish my life was that exciting." *sigh*

We have all experienced that vacation week in Paradise when you say over and over, "I would do anything to live in a place like this." *double sigh*.

That was me five years ago stepping off a plane after spending the week in Mexico and immediately weeping in a snowbank while attracting strange stares from the Eskimo looking people that waddled past in their winter gear. Pretty pathetic right? I thought so too. So I decided, in the most eloquent of terms. . . I am getting the #$%^ out of here. Packing my bags began the journey where my reality really started.

My journey towards my reality started in a place in Mexico well known to many people. Yes that’s right, the spring break capital of the world, Cancun. I know what you are thinking, permanent spring break! Nothing could be better, right? WRONG…

Let’s skip forward about 2 years and 1 hour down the highway. I will never forget the way I felt when I first saw the sign for Playa del Carmen. I still feel the same mixture of excitement and peace every time I see it.  This is my sign, the one that tells me I am home : "Bienvenida a Playa Del Carmen."

My feelings for Playa grow stronger everyday. This is not an absence make the heart grow fonder sort of relationship. This is my home, with all my people.  This is why I am bringing you this small subset of the Swish Life Blog, which will be telling you about my reality in paradise.

Steps from my apartment with my roomate and bestie!


The Beach: Stunning…! It’s almost impossible to believe a sight like this could be real. Playa del Carmen is built around the beach too so wherever you are in the city you are just a few steps from the water! Want to scuba dive? Do it! Want to paddleboard? Do it! Want to swim frantically towards the beautiful Mexican man you see kite boarding? Do it!


The 5th Ave: The social heart of Playa is the legendary Metro-Hippie 5th Ave! Ok maybe I made up the word metro-hippie but there is nothing that can describe this classy but soothing atmosphere that surrounds you as you walk down the 5th Avenue. High class shops, real Mexican bargaining, amazing little pubs, you name it, it’s here.


The night life:  In one word. . .intoxicating! All I have to say is Ibiza, you are old news my friend. You will find the best beach parties, the best DJs and the most exciting and lengthy nights of your lives, and yes often the night does turn into day faster than you think. Night Clubs, beach parties, cave parties, raves, dress up, dress down, you name it, we have it.


The people: It doesn’t matter where you come from, it matters where you are at.  In Playa you will find more than friends, you will find the family you always wanted. My group of friends is  “The Brady Bunch” meets  the Wolf Pack from the “The Hangover” tossed in the ocean and given some boards, dive gear, and Swish Suits.


See,  while MTV was creating a show they call "The Real World" and the Travel Channel was giving you activies to do on your adventurous vacation; we were here. The TV has nothing on us so welcome to the real swish life, because this is "Reality in Paradise: Tales from Playa"


More to come soon.