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Pro Leezure: Life is all Encompassing


I think that one of the most amazing things about aquatic sports is how easy it is to work in the industry.  The allure of these extreme sports is so great that more and more people are trying them everyday; thus driving the demand for instructors and people working in the industry. Chelsea teaching in Akumal, Mexico

Most of the instructors that I have met do the job because it allows them to do their sport all day.  The money is not amazing, but the lifestyle is the best!

Anna and Victoria Berg

On our vacation to the Bahamas we met a very special group of people: Pro Leezure.  Pro Leezure consists of three friends- Rachel, Grom, and Gary.  The three have been traveling the world and making a living off of kiteboarding as they go.

Rachel Kiteboarding

Pro Leezure is exactly what it sounds like: a way to live your life leisurely. Or in layman's terms, a way to live doing what you love.  It is not a company. It is not a corporation. It is a lifestyle. We here at Swish understand that. It was one of the reasons we started this company. We wanted to be able to live the life we love while still being able to travel and make our life in the way we want. We also wanted to be able to bring you a product that helps you live the leisure in your life!

Pro Leezure

The three friends started out the kiteboarding season teaching in North Carolina. Once the season finished there, they set sail on their sailboat "The Seabird". They went down the intercoastal waterway and made way to Miami. From Miami they sailed around the Bahamas.  Each time at anchor they teach freelance kiteboarding to interested tourists.  In fact I took a mini lesson one day from Grom.

Grom Kiting

At the same time Rachel tried out the Swish Shorty Suit.  She looked absolutely amazing, but more than that she said that it was the first suit that allowed her the flexibility to be able to do all of her tricks unencumbered.

Beautiful Rachel in Swish Ladies Shorty Wetsuit

Pro Leezure is still on the move traveling the globe and teaching kiting as they go! If you are on vacation, check out their facebook page which posts their location.  If you are in the same place go look for them on the beach!  They will be the ones kiting and enjoying life!

The main thing that I admire about Pro Leezure is their attitude about life.  They are the perfect embodiment of one of our favourite sayings: Life is not or: it is and.  I can make a living AND I can do it doing what I love.  In that way every day is a fulfillment of your wildest life of leisure.

Chelsea and Pro Leezure at Junkanoo

So I will leave you with this- Life is all encompassing.  If we put our minds to it can surprise us in the most amazing ways, but it is a conscious decision to make it just that. So go. Chase the wind, chase the surf, chase a passion. Make it happen today dear Swish reader. I love you all.