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Pink "ONE" Line Jackets and Crop Tops Now Available: Get your flirt on!

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Pink is an undeniably girly flirty color. This week Swish is taking pink to a whole new level by introducing our electric jackets and crop tops! No tame pink prissiness here!  Get active and channel the your inner flirt to flirt with the wild side in your new electric pink jacket or crop top. PINK JACKET:

 PRICE: $70


PRICE: $60


Flirting has been given a bas rap in today's world. I believe that flirting is one of the better actions in my day, so I am here to bring flirting back!  Now, I am not talking just about the traditional sort of flirting (i.e. with your crush), although it is a great, but also flirting with life itself! Why not behave amorously towards your morning latte? Is it not delicious and needed? Why not stop that attractive stranger in the street and say something nice? I guarantee it will perk up their day. Why has flirting gotten such a bad rap? Flirting to me is being fun, playful, and flattering towards activities or others. Plus it gives your self-esteem a boost for interacting and being involved in your own life instead of being sidelined. So just get in there!

In the spirit of the pink jackets and crop tops, and all things flirty Swish introduces:

Five Ways to Break the Ice!

Feeling a bit shy on the outside? Well I bet your inner goddess is dressed in a boa and some heels waiting to be released. Use these tips and let her reign supreme.

1.  Smile: Smiling immediately puts everyone at ease. Even if your eyes are terrified behind your sunglasses at the thought of approaching a new group of friends or activity, putting a smile on your face makes you accessible to others and they will make an effort to get to know you as well; thus putting you at ease. . . Terrific cycle, no? Just make sure to avoid creepy smiling and staring. . . No one likes a stalker. . .

2. Get moving!: New activities such as a beach workout, yoga class, salsa, art class, wine tasting, etc: these are all great ways to meet people while having a fail-proof topic to talk about. i.e. "What did you think about the California chardonnay? They are normally too oaky for me, but this one I liked!" or "Wow your arm posistion in head stand is amazing! Can you show me?" Simple yet effective.

3. Get over yourself: Life is not that serious. If you are quick to laugh off your embarresment chances are you will come off charming and human! So get out there and try new things. If you fall, get up and laugh. If you stutter, stop and laugh. If you say something inappropriate. . . well apologize first then laugh!

4. Have a theme song: Yeah that's right! Don't we wish our life was a movie? Well make it one in your mind!  Get yourself a theme song and play it in your head when you talk to people, on your way to the event, in the bathroom while talking to yourself in a mirror (if you are walked in on during this, refer to tip #3), and just basically anytime that you need a boost to feel as confident and sexy as you are! If you need some help choosing a song, refer to our "Get your flirt on" pink playlist.

5. Put on your Swish Suit, Jacket, or Crop Top: Swish Suits make you feel sexy and confident!

What is your favorite way to break the ice? Tell us here. While you are commenting, be sure to check out our "Get your flirt on pink playlist" hopefully it will inspire your inner goddess and she can strut her stuff in her heels. . . Now stop looking at your coffee like that. . .

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