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Philippe Cousteau

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Hello my environmentally friendly swish people! Do you have any role models in the field of environmental conservation? Whose work has inspired you?

In creating Swish we have been fortunate enough to meet some truly passionate people with regards to environmental conservation, who have really been our role models in creating and ecologically friendly product!

Recently Swish CEO and creator Chelsea Berg along with her business partner Carolyn Berg had the pleasure of attending a private dinner with Phillipe Cousteau.  The dinner was a part of Chicago's Green Town Conference and was hosted in conjunction with the alumni of Columbia College.  Philippe Cousteau gave a talk about water sustainability and what we in Chicago can do as well as what we can do worldwide.

Philippe Cousteau

For those of you who do not know, Philippe is the grandson of legendary Jacques Cousteau.

Philippe is also the head of Earth Eco International, whose mission is to empower youth to take action that restores and protects our water planet. It is a non for profit which he started with his sister and is dedicated to honor their father (son of Jacques Cousteau). They are currently working on education of the Gulf Oil Spill.

He also founded Azure Worldwide whose "mission is to create relationships and experiences that empower individuals, communities and businesses to improve the health and sustainability of their environment and community while adding value to partners and consumers."

Swish especially values Philippe Cousteau's effort to educate people on the effects of oil consumption. You might remember that Philippe dove in the Gulf oil spill wearing a hazmat suit.

I was personally not there (major bummer for me!), but Chelsea and Carolyn have told me that Philippe is a truly inspiring man who cares deeply about conservation.