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Ah To Be an Open Water Diver Again!

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Hello my lovely Swish readers!

I recently had a great friend from my university days in Montreal come visit me in Mexico. She came a long long way from the frozen tundra of Siberia for a little bit of sun and open water diving.


Kate had always wanted to do her open water scuba course and had always wanted to come see Mexico. However, the swine flu "epidemic" a couple of years back prevented her from doing this, right before she took her current job in Harbin, China.  So with me finally moving down here, we decided to rectify the past and move foreward, or in this case, move down down down in the ocean!

prepping for open water scuba

Kate took her course with our great friend and frequent topic of this blog, Anna Grub.  I acted as the divemaster and videographer.


The course started out with the pool session! Anna and I looked on as Kate did her fitness tests occasionally shouting out things such as "Keep swimming!" or "More floating!" in Swish drill sergenant manner.  Kate passed the first day pool session of her open water course with flying colors and minimal discomfort.


The next day we went for dives 1 and 2.  We were lucky and it was only us three on the dive which really allowed both Anna and I to help Kate. Not that she needed it much! That girl had some of the best buoyancy we had ever seen and did not float up to the surface.

The next day we went for the final two dives of Open Water Diving which was a little sad as Kate was leaving back to China the next day and I knew that we would not be diving together for a while.  She handled the last day with ease and started to get her breathing in sync with her kicks. I have a feeling that Kate will be a very graceful and swishy diver some day soon.

Victoria Berg and Kate

Now, it had been a while since I had played divemaster, and I had completely forgotten how amazing recreational diving is.  The look on Kate's face and the discussions that we had after made me realize that is a truly unique feeling to be floating almost weightless breathing with the fish!  These four Open Water dives that I got to do with two of my best friends were some of the most important of my life, and wiped away a bit of the jaded feeling that one can get when working in the dive industry.