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Bikini Shopping Coming Soon

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So as you know, here at Swish we love developing new products that women need for aquatic sports! I do not know about you all, but my bikinis tend to fall apart after about 2 months of diving, skiing, surfing, etc in the sun and salt! And as fun as bikini shopping is, we have been constantly searching for bikinis that can handle our lifestyle, and that fit with our lifestyle (ecologically friendly and sexy!) And we have found nothing!


So Swish has decided to create a bikini for all of our lovely ladies out there who are fed up with not having a sexy, functional, and environmentally friendly bikinis.  This product is currently in development so we would like to hear from you before the bikini shopping begins!

Chelsea and Martin prepping for a swim

What kind of swimsuits do you wear? How much coverage do you like? How about cut?  Any particular style?  Color?

OK so we will be waiting to hear from you! As you know we here at Swish are dedicated to bringing you the products that you need in the style that you want!

Swish Bikinis Soon in Neoprene