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Meet Chelsea Berg - Swish Suits Creator and CEO

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Think you know the brilliant creative mind behind Swish? Check out our new vid "Meet Chelsea Berg" to hear her chat about why we are eco, her travels, the moment she knew she wanted to create Swish, and the future!

Chelsea is at the head of the Swish Suits Team and the motivation behind the start of it. After spending years in the male dominated diving world, she thought it was time for Swish to go global!

Chelsea is the most accomplished diver of the Swish Sisters, and has spent most of her life living on and under the water. She is a PADI Master Scuba Dive Instructor, Cavern Instructor as well as being a PADI DSAT Deep Tec Diver and an IANTD cave diver. Wow! A heuvo chica. She has lived and worked in a variety of places, moving from Barbados, to Thailand, to Roatan, to the Red Sea, to the Cenotes caves in Mexico. She currently resides in Miami on our boat "Swish Life" making trips back to the Swish headquarters in Chicago, but can always be convinced to grab her dive kit and Swish Suit and jet off to an exotic locale to pirate around for the week! You can reasonably find her at any beach in any city at anytime! Just look for a bright pink bikini and some blond hair.

Chelsea Berg in her Women's Wetsuit