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Ladies Wetsuit Sale: Discounts on all Swish Products


Because all of our lovely Swish ladies have been nice, or maybe just the right amount of naughty. . . We are introducing our first ever Holiday Sale! What does this mean? It means that we love you all so much and wanted to wish you the best this holiday season, so we have dramatically rolled back all of our prices. Because really, no one should spend the holiday season without a Swish Suit!

Feeling Swishy? Check out our prices below, then go to the swish shop to place your order. Hurry, because unlike our suits, these prices will not last forever!

Sale Full Body Wetsuit:

Original Price: $450

Sale Price: $349

Women's Full Wetsuit

Our full body wetsuit was created with women in mind, and only women. Our suits will “pop” onto your body, whatever lovely size you are. No more unflattering pulling and yanking!

Sale Shorty Wetsuit:

Original Price: $350

Sale Price: $269

Ladies Shorty Wetsuit

The Swish Shorty provides most flattering cut for your derriere and ensures maximum leg elongation while side crop eliminates any incidental bulges. This is also the shorty that Elena Satine wore as Mera in the CW's hit series Smallville. In short, this is the suit of superheroes!

Sale Wetsuit Jacket:

Original Price: $250

Sale Price: $199

Ladies Wetsuit Jacket

We are loving the new BLUE Swish Jacket! It really pops!

All prices are discounted over 20% in order to make your holiday season as swishy as possible.

Happy Holidays and much love,

xoxoxo The Swish Team