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Kite Surfing on Snow and Other Winter Water Sports

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So I know that some of my Swish readers are not in a place where they can practice aquatic sports all year; however, there are now some great new winter sports that have developed as an alternative to warm weather sports! Although, I guess that technically winter sports can be described as water sports as they take place on solid forms of H20 (ie ice and snow). Extreme sports keep on developing at an amazing pace and we here at Swish are always astounded at the physical boundaries that keep on getting pushed and broken by our lovely friends.  So grab your board, skies, kite, etc and just get out there to swish about. . . in the snow!

1) Snowboarding

Snowboarding has undergone amazing transitions to become one of the most popular winter sports and a great alternative to one of our favorite aquatic sports, wakeboarding! From Lindsey Jacobellis to Hannah Teter, women are shredding up the slopes lately!


2) Kite Surfing on Snow (aka Snow Kiting)

First brought to my attention by my Finnish friends, this alternative to kite surfing (or kite boarding) is stirring up the scene in Scandinavia, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Central Canada and the USA! Leave it the countries with so much snow to develop the most cutting edge extreme sports!  Creative much?

Snow Kiting

Recently there has been a major push towards women's empowerment in this sport. In Finland tomorrow there is a girls only kite session in Laajalahti for jus the pure joy of snow kiting as well as photos and fun! It takes place from 11h-18h and is called Pro Prinsessa.


ProPrinsessa Photoshoot Teaser from Harri Huikuri on Vimeo.

We think that this sport looks wicked fun and cannot wait to take it up the next time we are in the snow! Which will be umm. . . hmm. . wait. . .

3) Airboarding

Airboarding, nearly as fun as snow kiting, can be seen as a great alternative to boogie boarding! The airboard is like a mini inflatable sled that carves into the snow when you lean, and can get major air! Looks pretty fun to me, almost like an alternative to flying.


What is your winter alternative to your favorite aquatic sport? Tell us here, Swish wants to know!

Now, whatever your sport, go don your gear, get out there and tear it up. . . Swish style. . .

NOTE: Extreme sports like snow kite surfing can be dangerous, please consult a local professional in your region before attempting.  We want all of our lovely readers to be able to enjoy sporting forever. Cheers.


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