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Kindess for Cancer: Team Swish Runs for Charity in Cancun

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This last Sunday Swish Suits took part in a 5km race in Cancun to raise money for Cancer research. The event was held at Temptations Resort in Cancun and was organized by "Kindness Changes Everything" a blogspot dedicated to positive energy and acts. The event raised over $5,000 USD and we all had an amazing time!

Organizer and Blogger of Kindness Changes Everything Stephanie started the event after her friend was diagnosed with cancer. She stated "e needed a way to bring light and positivity to a tough situation and thus Kindness for Cancer was born. So here we are, Chinos is done treatment and ready to run. He is well, strong, healthy & ALIVE. Our team is running to promote kindness & to kick some serious Cancer ass"

We arrived and the place was buzzing with people and energy. We only a few moments to take some photos and get in line before we were off and running!

I would show you photos of Chelsea running, but she took off and we lost her! Chelsea finished in 22 minutes which is amazing!

We had such a wonderful time and the event was so successful. Big thanks to the amazing "Team Kindness" for bringing us on as sponsors and to Temptations Resort for hosting the event.