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Guest Blog: Eco-Friendly Spa Treatments Every Girl Should Try


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Ok, so I like to think of myself as a tough sporty chica.  I box, I board, I dive; however, being tough doesn't mean that I don't like to pamper myself into a glowing ball of radiance.   I know that even if we don't like to admit or we feel a little frivolous, taking time for yourself is very important.  Spa treatments are a great way to take some time and appreciate yourself and your body.  What could be better?  Ah yes, ECO spa treatments of course! Good for you and the environment!

This week we have a great guest blog by Gwen Lewis on eco-friendly spa treatments.

Gwen Lewis is a freelance writer and beauty professional in Southern California. While she has not yet had the chance to visit these spas, she enjoys a day at her local spa and hopes to travel the world in search of more eco-friendly treatments.

Eco-Friendly Spa Treatments Every Girl Should Try

By Gwen Lewis

Going green doesn’t mean you have to give up the little luxuries that you enjoy. Even as you try to reduce your carbon footprint by eating a vegetarian meal once a week, riding your bike to work, and growing your own vegetables, you can still partake in some traditional forms of pampering, thanks to the increasing awareness of our affect on the environment. Businesses that previously have been considered wasteful or harmful, like spas, are increasingly providing eco-friendly options to appeal to savvy consumers.

Whether its through the use of sustainable sources of energy or water, using only locally sourced ingredients, or reducing their reliance on toxic chemicals, the treatments at the spas below are ones you won’t have to feel guilty about indulging in.

Yu Spa: Dundee, Scotland

Indulge in a soak in the hot tub or pools in the beautiful scenery of Scotland, with the knowledge that they are taking every possible step to make the entire experience as eco-friendly as possible. Yu Spa tries to minimize its carbon footprint by using organic Elemis products for its 50 spa treatments and by employing ultraviolet lights to clean the hot tubs instead of harsh chlorine. The pool boasts not only the ozone purifying system, keeping the healing waters microbe-free, but also employs energy-efficient LED lighting, so you can feel good about the use of energy and this spa.

inSpa: Washington and Oregon

Love to pamper your tired feet with a good pedicure, but worry about the potentially toxic chemicals used to sanitize the foot basin (or worse, that they don’t sanitize between clients)? TheRe>Fresh Pedicure from inSpa’s sidesteps the issue ofchemical-laden cleansers (and conserves water!) by wrapping steamed towels around your feet instead of soaking them in hot water in a basin. The hot and damp towels work as well as a traditional soak in preparing your feet for the next steps—which includes a foot massage, nail and cuticle, and polish of your choice.

AquaCity Resort: Proprad, Slovakia

For those who can’t get enough cold weather, this spa and resort is a great place to expose yourself to the elements. Start by getting your blood pumping with a two-minute walk through an ice chamber kept at an extremely chilly -120 degrees Celsius. (If that’s too cold for you, you can opt to sit in a snow cave that’s kept at a relatively “warm” -15 degrees Celsius).

After that frigid start, head directly to the sauna, or warm up in a series of indoor and outdoor pools--all drawn from a natural spring. The water is UV filtered and uses a tenth of the usual amount of chlorine found in most spa pools. The spa heats the sauna and pools with energy generated by geothermal water, solar power, and wind turbines—creating up to 80 percent of its own electricity.

Marai Beach: Kerala, India

For ridding your body of toxins, there is no better way to go about it than with a Ayurveda massage treatment at this resort in India. One of the eco-resorts in India, this sustainable haven is made up of a series of small beach cottages based on local huts. The resort is chemical-free, so all treatments, including the Ayurveda massages, use only all-natural products, minimizing its carbon footprint and toxic run-off. Marari Beach also turns the waste it generates into natural gas to fuel the resort and harvests rain run-off. The resort also turns to the local community to obtain the freshest fish and foodstuffs from nearby organic farms.

Next time you want to pamper yourself, don’t feel guilty about the potential impact a good massage, pedicure, or long soak might have on the environment. Choose one of the treatments above (or find the nearest eco-friendly spa and sign up for a treatment of your choice) and indulge, knowing that these spas are doing all they can to minimize their impact.