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From Tahiti to Baja Mexico: Swish Vacation Wish List

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So this is a little part two to last weeks blog Oh the Places We Have Been! Again. . . and Again. . . and Again. . ..  I am currently sitting here planning a little trip around Asia with one of my best friends Kate, and there are so many places that I still want to go in the world. To travel, to eat, to dive, to learn new sports, to visit friends, to breathe the air and taste the sea!  So here is a little list of the places I am dreaming of, some of the best places to scuba dive (and have a great time) in the world. Have you been to any of them? If so please pass along some great travel tips, favourite places, etc! 1) French Polynesia: Rangirao and Tahiti

French Polynesia is a series of islands in the South Pacific Ocean. Regarded as one of the most beautiful places on earth by artists and poets alike, it offers great surfing and diving. So naturally it is high on my list of places to go!

Immortalized in Gaugain's paintings, Tahiti is the main island.  It's capital Papeete is a blend of Polynesian island culture and french influence.

By the Sea, Paul Gauguin

The island of Tahiti is a surfers paradise, with two long surf seasons and barreling waves.  The most famous wave is the Teahupoo, which you might be familiar with if you have picked up a surf magazine!


Rangiroa is the largest atoll in the world and offers some of the best diving as well, with the main attraction being. . . SHARKS!!! Over 200 shark species gather at the Tiputa pass due to the strong currents created by the tides.

Intense surfing, diving, sharks, and great food and culture? hmmm. . . yes please! French Polynesia's Tahiti & Rangiroa are number one on my vacation list.

2) Baja, Mexico

Baja is a peninsula on the Northwestern coast of Mexico.  My little dream vacation would be to load some dive kit, surf gear, and kites into a van and take a little excursion around Baja with friends (while maybe slightly avoiding Tijuana and Cabo.)

The sea life on the Pacific coast of Baja amazing. At anytime you can view grey whales, whale sharks, sea lions, etc!

An amazing thing about this region are the little communities that spring up either due to the perfect wave, or the perfect wind! I know I cannot wait to discover them.

Baja Mexico

3) South Africa

Ok so in case you have not realized it yet. . . Swish kinda likes to dive, and one of our favorite things to see is sharks. As such it would be an amazing experience to finally see a great white.  From what I have heard, South Africa is an amazing place to do this. Particularly in Mossel Bay.

Oh yeah, and isn't there great waves and wind there as well? hmm. . .

South Africa - Great White Breaching

Where is your ideal vacation? Have you been to Baja, Tahiti or Mossel Bay? Let us know here!