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Roatan Honduras to Playa del Carmen: Our Fav Destinations

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I do not know about you all out there, but there seems to be a special pull from certain areas of the globe that we keep on visiting again and again. Our team has travelled extensively, as such we have no serious permanent location, but these certain places always feel like home. Maybe it has to do with the friends we have there, maybe it is certain memories, smells, sounds, and activities that we have enjoyed there that triggers a certain impulse in our brain. Anyways, here is a list of the places that we always return home to. Roatan, Honduras

In 2005 our CEO Chelsea went to Roatan in order to complete her Divemasters.  She had a great time and became fast friends with one of our Swish Team members Kate Waterburton, and one of our guest bloggers Martin (from our Lionfish Post.)

marine sanctuaries in roatan

In October of 2010, Chelsea finally returned to Roatan, Honduras, with Kate coming up from South America to meet her.  The girls enjoyed some great diving off of the island with Martin.

Chelsea Berg and Kate in their Swish Suits

Chelsea is at this moment currently back in Roatan for a bit of business, a bit of pleasure, and for sure visiting her old friends!

Koh Tao, Thailand

Koh Tao is a tiny island in the Gulf of Thailand; however, it is also one of the biggest dive hubs in the World, certifying over 30,000 students a year!

Koh Tao, Thailand

There is a lot or not a lot to do on the island, depending on how you look at it! Diving is the main priority and the Koh Tao, Thailand hosts several of the largest dive schools in the world.  After diving there is always someone at the numerous beach hang outs and beach volleyball game to join.  The roads are mostly unpaved and the main form of transportation is by dirt bike.

Victoria Berg Thailand

After university Chelsea left to complete her Instructor Development Course with Ban's Diving Resort.  There she met Anna Grubb.  The girls quickly became known as the team "SheDivers" which is a name that still follows all three of us today!

Chelsea Berg and Anna in Thailand

Through a series of lectures, living on roofs, visa runs, and teaching together the girls became more than best friends, in fact I might go as far to call them platonic life partners!

In 2009, Chelsea returned to Koh Tao to do some technical diving. I was in Bali at the time so I of course came to meet her!

chelsea and vicotria in thailand

This time around I was doing my divemaster's. Chelsea and I also took our Technical Diving course with the boys from the MV Trident, which is famous for the discovery of the USS Lagarto.

The day living and working in Koh Tao is as follows: wake up and head to Ban's to collect equipment, students, and a breakfast of pho from the noodle lady. Then you must load all the students and bags onto the speed boat or taxi (depending on the season) to get to the big 100 tank Ban's boat! Then diving diving diving! Back to the shop to unload, lunch and theory.  After work we normally play beach volley and then have some sunset cocktails with our friends.  Wake up and repeat!  Needless to say the life is not too bad there!


I will be heading back to Koh Tao for my IDC with Ban's.  I would not miss out on the opportunity for the third SheDiver to terrorize the Course Directors there!

Playa del Carmen, Mexico:

Playa, Mexico is our current location, and it might feel the most like home.  We have been visiting the Yucatan since we were young.

Playa Del Carmen Mexico

Playa feels even more like home now that we are all together as the three SheDivers, as Anna lives here as well.

Chelsea and Anna first came to Mexico in 2009 after working on the liveaboards in the Red Sea. The first thing they did was take their complete cave course with ProTec.

Cave Diving in Playa Del Carmen

In September of 2010, I moved down here as well, and the first thing I did. . . Cave course with ProTec!

There is a lot to do here in Mexico.  From ocean diving to Cenote diving, excursions to Tulum, kiteboarding in Isla Blanca, music festivals. . . You name it, Playa has it all!

I am leaving Playa del Carmen soon though to go on my own travels, and I know it will be hard. However, I am fully confident that I will return here in no time.

What is the place that you keep on returning to Swish reader? Tell us here!