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Chill Out with Elegance with Swish's New White Jackets

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This week is all about elegance. Well, washable elegance. Because while we love the simplicity and grace of white, we know that your life can get a little messy. But hey, that's why all Swish "ONE" line jackets are machine washable. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:

Swish Jackets in elegant white keep you cool during the stickiest situations as our material wicks away moisture. Front and back ruching flatters the figure and the logo on each sleeve let's everyone know you are a swish girl.


COST: $70

Elegance Redefined: By Victoria

Modern Elegance is no longer about being poised and stilted. I would have to say it is all about grace under pressure. So why sweat the small stuff? Beat the heat of life in your white "ONE" line jacket.

Our gorgeous model and COO, Brenda, knows a few things about elegance, having been a classical ballerina  for many years.

"The elegance in ballet is all about keeping your cool in difficult positions: the same as elegance in life."

~Brenda Bottineau

Sometimes our budget for fashion can be difficult. I know I put extreme sports over my wardrobe so it can be difficult for me to find the energy for both. So this month we bring you:

Top Five Ways to Look Elegant on a Small Budget

1) Everyone has a few nice classic pieces. Take one of these as your outfit base and add trendy budget pieces for a contemporary classic look. Example: take your classic little black dress and add sandals, this season's ethnic print head wraps and some wrist bangles. Volia! You are prepared for lunch and shopping.

2) Forget the label: Don't worry about who has designed your cloths. Worry more about the cut and fit. Choose flattering sillouhetes for your figure that fit properly and leave the rest behind. You can always invest $2 in a pair of scissors to cut out the label if it bothers you too much!

3) It's all material: Be wary of synthetic materials that can look cheap. Keep it simple and cool with natural fibres. You will also smell better throughout the day as natural fibres breathe and trap less oder.

4) Lipstick: Well applied lipstick is an easy way to look pulled together. Adding a classic red to your $20 bikini screams Brigette Bardot classy.

5) Clothing is only one part of the equation. By taking care of yourself , you will ensure that you always look well groomed and polished.

-Drink plenty of water and eat fresh food to keep your skin clear and healthy.

-Keep your nails short and apply a clear polish for a low matenance budget manicure

-Get regular excercise to keep your figure trim and your spirits up!

Still look for other ways to keep it elegant? Listen to our "Keep it classy: Swish chill out music" playlist on grooveshark.