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Have you guys ever run a triathlon? A marathon? Are you super intense and run the Iron Man? Let us know! Or just tell us about your most intense sporting experience! In August of 2010 Swish Team members Morgan Voss, and Swish Stylist Farrah Melissa ran and completed the 2010 Lifetime Fitness Chicago Triathlon.  The girls competed the Olympic level distance swimming 1.5 k, biking 40k, and running 10k! Wow.

Morgan at the transition area in the Chicago Triathlon

Chicago Triathlon

CEO Chelsea Berg was supposed to run the Chicago Triathlon as well, but was sidelined by an injury due to being hit by a car during training! Ouch! Luckily her super human ab muscles kept her from sustaining internal injuries.

We both had a lot of fun training with the Swish Triathlon ladies and even more fun cheering them on at the event! It involved me running my own little mini Chicago Triathlon around the city in order to see the Swish Team at each phase.

triathalon womens wetsuit

Both Farrah and Melissa competed in the swimming portion of the event wearing Swish Suits! They looked great and said that the suits were very comfortable to swim in as well as easy to get on and off which was helpful in the transition period between biking and running!

Read and listen to their testimonials below!


"Swish Suits inspires me to live both an active and environmentally conscious lifestyle. I feel fantastic in my swish suit--not just because I know I look sexy, but because I am taking a step to promote environmental sustainability. Swish Suits rock!"

-Morgan Voss, Chicago triathlete and 4 time marathon runner.

It was truly inspiring to see all the athletes out and competing that day. We wish you all the best and will see you at the next Chicago Triathlon or wherever else you find your badass selves!