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Cave Diving Diary: Part one, warm it up!

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Hey guys! So sadly I am leaving the Riviera Maya in two weeks to promote Swish in Asia. As you all know, we are tec diving junkies here at Swish. I have been slightly indoors the past couple of months (well more than normal for a swish girl) and I was craving a fix. In order to quench it I took two weeks to create: CAVE DIVING UNLIMITED!  I will be cave diving everyday, all day, for the next 10 days! Check here for updates.

Day 1 - Cenote Tajma Ha:

Apparently I was so excited this morning that I was making happy squeaking noises while cooking breakfast.  My sister was laughing, but also maybe slightly worried!

I am lucky enough to be diving with one of my good friends and a great diver here, Tristan.  I gathered my scuba diving equipment cave styles (aka begged and borrowed from a good friend and our friends at ProTec Advanced Training Facility) in order to have a standard cave kit.  We hopped in the jeep and were off!

We spent our first day at Cenote Tajma ha as I was a bit rusty.  I spent a couple of days here during my training and have led a cavern dive here so it was the logical choice to ease back in.

Map of the Tajma ha cenote

Those of you who know this cenote, know about how beautiful it is with highly decorated ceilings that a crystal white in appearance.  We started the first dive on the far right cave line and penetrated up to an adjoining centote and then back to the main entrance. For our second dive we visited chinese garden line which is an absolutely beautiful dive, involving a bit more complex navigation, but still a very tranquilo dive. The Tajma ha cenote allowed me to get back into the swing of things and helped Tristan and I get used to diving in a team together.

Tajma Ha cenote

Day 2 - Cenote Winz & Centote Escalara:

Today we went to Minatauro and did another nice two dives! The first dive we went to cenote winz and back. The second dive we went to centote escalara. This cenote is a bit smaller and has many restrictions. During the second dive right after a jump the cenote Escarla opens into a lovely bedding plane that was a treat to see.

This cenote is very peaceful. I really do not know why it is not more popular, as the dives and formations are wonderful.

Ok well, needless to say. . . I have exhausted myself and now must go feed and then sleep as we are headed to Xunaan Ha tomorrow!