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Swish Cave Diving Diaries: Part 3, Stealth Missions

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So after dives at Tajma Ha, Minotauro, Xunaan-ha, Dos Palmas, and Dreamgate- the French Cave Diving God and I were starting to really function as a team.  This is helped by the fact that we were both trained by the same person and had the same kit configuration. We were starting to feel as though we were on a stealth mission through the Cenotes gilding along. Cheesy I know, but I still wanted my own theme song. Day 6: Cenote Zazil-Ha

Zazil ha was amazing! Zazil-ha is a closer Cenote than Carwash to get to the upstream section of Aktun-ha, meaning that we did not have to go through the cavern zone at carwash to reach the cave section. This allows a bit further penetration as one does not have to recalculate their thirds after going through the cavern.

We did two cave dives this day with the goal of seeing two famous rooms. During dive one we penetrated to Adriana's room and further beyond into the cell block. Dive number two we set out with the goal of going to the room of tears. This was by far one of my favorite dives of my caving spree.

To get to room of tears you take the upstream section then make a jump down through a slight restriction.  The jump is a bit dark and narrow but it makes coming up into the room that much more special. It is truly a sublime feeling to see such a highly decorated place. After the Room of Tears we entered into a large bedding plane which was fun and a great test of trim, buoyancy and propulsion due to a decorated ceiling and sediment bed below!

All in all another great day banging out the Cenotes caving diving greatest hits!