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Swish's New Bioprene Bikini: Design Winner Announced

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We know that over the past year we have teased you with the concept of a new swish bikini.  We made numerous mock ups. . . wore them. . . and liked them pretty well, but you know that here at Swish we have to be uncontrollably in love with all of our products.  So we had a " Student Design Contest For Swish's New Bioprene Bikini" at the Drottning Blanka Halmstad Design School in Sweden. We are so very excited to announce our winner is the beautiful and talented Frida Enberg  Thank you again wonderful students, you are all so very talented!

Designs are being put into production now, so be ready get your swish bikinis in the new year!! For real this time guys. . . This is no longer a drill!


A very special thank you to our very first designer Maria Ruth Andersson and current professor of these young designers, thank you for always believing in us Maria! For info on our Custom Design Branch or Swish Student Design Contests visit us here: https://swishsuits.com/custom-design-branch/

The Kardashians Get Swishy in Greece!

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I generally tend to live on islands and not watch a lot of tv due to poor internet or no English channels. . . However, right now I am in Chicago. This Friday I was just hanging out with my friends watching E!, and asking inane questions about things I had missed, when I spied this promotion for "Keeping up with the Kardashians" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e9U9FOrGS7k

I immediately recognized our Swish Suits.  I was so excited to see a product that we make and love on a show with over 4 million viewers!

The girls went snorkeling in Mykonos and looked gorgeous and confident in their swish suits.  I hope it is the start of a lifelong love affair with the ocean.

New Swish Product! Get your leggings on!

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Hello all, We know that we have been teasing you with bikini pics all summer long like this. . .DSC00234

But unfortunately these bikinis are not revolutionary enough yet!  We are still in the process of creating a sexy high performance bikini that will stay on during all extreme sports.  They will be coming out eventually but we do not want to release them until they are perfect so hang in there!

But here is some news to cheer you up! Swish Suits is developing a line of leggings that can be worn out or to the gym!  Chelsea is hard at work at the sewing machine and the yoga studio creating and testing this product slatted to launch this fall!  So stay tuned.


Thank you swish fans!


Swish Suits Spring Photo Shoot and Bikini Sneak Peak with Giella Cosmetics: By Chelsea

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Hola all you lovely readers out there! I have heard that a few places more north on our dear planet are not having a very nice spring.....in our Chicago Swish Headquarters spring has definitely not sprung. In the ever hot Mayan Riviera our second Swish home, spring has sprung a little too violently.....the spring has become more of a scorch!


Anyway, wether you are scorching or freezing it is Spring and as such we here at Swish decided to do a Spring Swish Shoot in some of our brightest flirtiest ONE Line Items and some of our soon to be released (yes, I know we always say this but they will be out this summer 100%) Swish bikinis, http://swishsuits.com/product-category/womens-exercise-clothes/!


We had the great pleasure of partnering up for this spring shoot with Giella Cosmetics, the amazing new custom blend cosmetics company, http://www.giella.com/. Giella Representative for the Riviera Maya, Martina Carrino, is a personal friend of mine and the CEO at The Best Moments, an amazing wedding planning company here in Playa del Carmen, https://www.facebook.com/TheBestMomentsWeddings. It was to date our easiest and most laid back photo shoot ever thanks to Marina and crew!


We at Swish are officially hooked on Giella! This makeup is not only custom blended to your own skin but it also is super light weight and durable, aka perfect for the beach! Or, well the beach lounge ;). All Giella makeup we used was perfect for Swish, it gave our models a nice natural look that was professional but not overdone.


The shoot started at 5:30 am, with us all meeting in Marina's gorgeous flat in Playacar. I am pretty sure most of the success of the shoot can be attributed to Alex Corbanezi, a sweet and super talented makeup artist from Brazil.


Giella Blend Cosmetics and Makeup by Alexandre Corbanezi, https://www.facebook.com/alexandre.corbanezi?fref=ts


We got some great beachy spring shots of Swish's ONE Line!


Spring Swish Bliss!



Swish ONE Line Crop Top in Flirty Pink, the perfect top for your Spring exercise!


I was also super lucky to have my beautiful and talented boyfriend, Alex Nava, wake up at 5 am, drive us around, video the entire experience, and then put everything together in post production to produce a killer video for our new Kickstarter campaign (we will keep you posted, we are launching next month)! Gracias guapo!




Sooooo.......bikinis anyone? You amazing Swish followers have been after us for while to release our sporty/sexy/eco bikinis and they are coming, they are coming! Promise! These bikinis are great for the girl that needs something sexy and high performance rolled into one suit. Something with a great flattering cut that is also perfect to throw a wetsuit over and jump in the surf. For those you (like myself for soooo many years) that are unable to find anything but the annoying and never flattering full bottom bikinis, despair no longer! Your bum will celebrate :)!


Swish Suits Bikinis Out Summer 2013!


All in all, I have to admit I am sort of obsessed with photo shoots! In general I love the pics, the posing, the makeup.....catching it all Swished up in a moment. As well, we here at Swish use our friends as models. There is never a deficit of fit pro-athlete girls on the Swish Team! For example, two of the models we used in this shoot are yoga instructors here in Playa.


All in all.....enjoy the beachy spring shots even if you are fighting a cold northern spring, check out Giella Cosmetics (you will be glad you did) www.giella.com, and stay tuned and with credit card in hand to get your Swish Bikini this summer!


Ciao for now and Swish On,



For more info on Giella cosmetics contact: martina@giella.com


Happy Valentine's Day from Swish Suits

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Happy Valentine's Day to all our lovely swish people out there! We just wanted to tell all our Swish readers how much we love them today and how much we hope that they love. . . their Swish Suit! In the spirit of all things valentine-y, here is a short list of a few more things we love here at swish!

1) Our Swish Girls. . . Seriously, could anybody rock harder than these chicks?

2) Sports! Diving, yoga, kiteboarding, surfing, snowboarding, etc. . . You name it and we make a jacket for it ;)

3) The Ocean. . . In all of it's beauty. . .


4) Our Friends! BlondeTraveler, Rob Stewart, Flipflop and Treacle, Scuba Diver Girls, Kindness Changes Everything, Ban's Technical Diving, Team Blue Immersion, and many many more!

5) Our Swish Suits!!!!!!!


We hope you have a wonderful day full of all the people and activities you love!

Reality in Paradise: Tales from Playa, by Brenda

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This week we are introducing a new blog series to the Swish Life written by our Chief Operational Officer Brenda! She will be telling you all about making a permanent home in paradise in her new blog "Reality in Paradise: Tales from Playa."

A little bit about Brenda

Brenda has her finger on the pulse of Playa del Carmen, Mexico having moved there at age 21 after falling in love with the place on vacation. Brenda works for Swish Suits and also planning parties that bring some of the biggest DJ's in the world to her home. Brenda was a professional ballet dancer and a yoga instructor in Canada before she moved to Mexico and you can see her on the beach on any given day dancing and doing yoga! Brenda truly lives "la vida hermosa."

Reality in Paradise: Tales from Playa

By Brenda

We have all had those days when we are sitting there on our couch, hiding from the unpleasant elements taking place outside our window, and watching TV. Some reality show taking place in paradise will come on and you think, "I wish my life was that exciting." *sigh*

We have all experienced that vacation week in Paradise when you say over and over, "I would do anything to live in a place like this." *double sigh*.

That was me five years ago stepping off a plane after spending the week in Mexico and immediately weeping in a snowbank while attracting strange stares from the Eskimo looking people that waddled past in their winter gear. Pretty pathetic right? I thought so too. So I decided, in the most eloquent of terms. . . I am getting the #$%^ out of here. Packing my bags began the journey where my reality really started.

My journey towards my reality started in a place in Mexico well known to many people. Yes that’s right, the spring break capital of the world, Cancun. I know what you are thinking, permanent spring break! Nothing could be better, right? WRONG…

Let’s skip forward about 2 years and 1 hour down the highway. I will never forget the way I felt when I first saw the sign for Playa del Carmen. I still feel the same mixture of excitement and peace every time I see it.  This is my sign, the one that tells me I am home : "Bienvenida a Playa Del Carmen."

My feelings for Playa grow stronger everyday. This is not an absence make the heart grow fonder sort of relationship. This is my home, with all my people.  This is why I am bringing you this small subset of the Swish Life Blog, which will be telling you about my reality in paradise.

Steps from my apartment with my roomate and bestie!


The Beach: Stunning…! It’s almost impossible to believe a sight like this could be real. Playa del Carmen is built around the beach too so wherever you are in the city you are just a few steps from the water! Want to scuba dive? Do it! Want to paddleboard? Do it! Want to swim frantically towards the beautiful Mexican man you see kite boarding? Do it!


The 5th Ave: The social heart of Playa is the legendary Metro-Hippie 5th Ave! Ok maybe I made up the word metro-hippie but there is nothing that can describe this classy but soothing atmosphere that surrounds you as you walk down the 5th Avenue. High class shops, real Mexican bargaining, amazing little pubs, you name it, it’s here.


The night life:  In one word. . .intoxicating! All I have to say is Ibiza, you are old news my friend. You will find the best beach parties, the best DJs and the most exciting and lengthy nights of your lives, and yes often the night does turn into day faster than you think. Night Clubs, beach parties, cave parties, raves, dress up, dress down, you name it, we have it.


The people: It doesn’t matter where you come from, it matters where you are at.  In Playa you will find more than friends, you will find the family you always wanted. My group of friends is  “The Brady Bunch” meets  the Wolf Pack from the “The Hangover” tossed in the ocean and given some boards, dive gear, and Swish Suits.


See,  while MTV was creating a show they call "The Real World" and the Travel Channel was giving you activies to do on your adventurous vacation; we were here. The TV has nothing on us so welcome to the real swish life, because this is "Reality in Paradise: Tales from Playa"


More to come soon.


7 Steps to Mastering the Beach Babe Trend: A guide to proper beaching by Kaila

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We are so excited to have Kaila, the owner and the creator of Blonde Traveler, as our guest blogger! I have spent some of my best times being shown around Thailand by this wicked cool girl. This week Kaila will be bringing you "7 Steps to Mastering the Beach Babe Trend" as she is an expert at beach "babe-ness" and very qualified to show you the ropes! Kaila spent an entire year chasing the best beaches in Southeast Asia, before finally moving to Thailand, where she eventually settled on Koh Phangan, home to some of the best beaches in the world. She has spent many years perfecting the art of beaching in SEA, and plans to continue so into the distant future.

A Little Bit About Kaila

Kaila was born in Canada but her heart is in Thailand, where she now lives on Koh Phangan, developing www.BlondeTraveler.com – a travel support service for women in Southeast Asia – and frolicking on the beach whenever possible.

For more about Kaila and Blonde Traveler please visit BlondeTraveler.com or connect via their facebook page.
"7 Steps to Mastering the Beach Babe Trend"
By Kaila

Not going diving today? Hit the beach! You'll have everyone wishing they were you if you can pull off these awesome beach babe


1)    Look awesome without make-up: Can't believe it's possible? Gasp! It is! Believe it or not, your natural beauty gets hidden under the layers of make-up, and guys dig the au-natural look. Put some extra-virgin coconut oil in your hair to condition it and make it shine, and a light moisturizer with SPF.  That's it. You're set! The sun will lightly bronze your skin, giving you an amazing complexion that you could only dream of with make-up. If you must, a few strokes of waterproof mascara never killed anybody.

2)    Wear a bikini that fits: There's nothing sexy about a girl having to continually adjust her bikini.  If you want to wear something extra skimpy, go ahead, but make sure you can move in it without having to adjust the bust of pull the bottoms up every five minutes.

3)   Don't turn into a lobster: Nothing says beach amateur like skin with an orangy-red glow. Beach babes know how to bronze themselves without burning, just like, when you were a kid, you mastered how to toast a marshmallow without having it burst into flames. You've heard all the rules before – don't tan during peak hours (1 to 3pm), wear SPF, rotate, take breaks, drink water, etc. But so many of us ignore them. Don't. Pay attention to your skin – it's your largest organ and everyone can see it.



4)    Be conscious of conservative cultures: When I was in Bali, I saw all kinds of girls sunbathing topless. I had half a mind to go up to them and tell them how culturally insensitive they were being. The Balinese are a conservative culture and topless sunbathing is a major no-no there. The same goes for most beaches in Southeast Asia, and indeed, in many parts of the world. Consult a guidebook or a local before engaging in any kind of risque behaviour.

5)    Show of your skills: Bring a volleyball with you, even if you have no one to play with. Put it beside your towel as you bask in the sunlight. It's likely someone will come up to you and ask you to play with them. If they don't, pick up the ball, throw it in the air, and see how many times you can volley or set it. If you see others watching you, ask them if they'd like to join in. Before you know it, you'll have a full-on game going on. Make sure to volley with bent knees, coming up as the ball hits your arms. You'll look like a pro.

6)    Do not, under ANY circumstances, take a jumping photo: Everyone has at least one – a photo of them with their legs and arms in the air. These photos are soooooooo 1999. Beach babes don't pose – they get their photo taken in natural positions doing natural movements.

7)   Be ultra-friendly: There's nothing more off-putting than someone on the beach who's rude, unfriendly, and scowling. People lounging on the beach are prone to feeling happy, and want to share that feeling with others. Look around you and smile! Be friendly to local vendors who are trying to sell you a friendship bracelet or some fruit. Make them laugh if you can. Help a child build a sandcastle. Pet a stray beach dog. Others will see your kind nature and be instantly attracted to your beach babe awesomeness.

Swish Bloopers and Bikinis!

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Swish Suits recently did a photo shoot for our next video on the beaches of Playa del Carmen. Kat Carrol from Cat Eye Creations shot us running around the beach. The shot was so much fun and there were a lot of laughs so we had to make a "Swishy Bloopers" video.  We <3 our jobs! [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAu_OOhckvg[/youtube]

We filmed that day in the latest prototype for Swish bikini's as well as our "ONE" line jacket and crop tops.

Bikinis are coming soon. We are so excited about this new product. Stay tuned to all of our channels for the latest news on aquatic sports, women's wetsuits, and women's workout gear!

Going Cosmopolitan with Swish: Black "ONE" Line Jackets Now Available

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Black is the ubiquitous color of dress for every city.  London, Paris, New York, Sydney- the color black is synonymous with a cosmopolitan lifestyle. This week Swish Suits is bringing the cosmopolitan life to the beach with our new chic black "ONE" line jackets which can help transition from those beachy days to the party! Stay tuned for our ultimate playlist and a girls guide to the best beach party locations! PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:

Swish jackets and crop tops in cosmopolitan black will keep you sleek and sexy from the beach to the bar.  A tiny sleeve pocket fits keys, money, and credit cards. Front and back ruching flatters the figure and the logo on each sleeve let’s everyone know you are a swish girl.

Black "ONE" Line Jacket:

Price: $70

Black "ONE" Line Crop Tops


Price: $60

Cosmopolitan Living with Swish Suits: From the Beach to Nightlife

By Victoria

There is a new hot couple that has been raising all hell on the nightlife scene as of lately. Yes, you guessed it- beach life and city life have finally gotten together to create a glorious hybrid of beachy glamour. From beautiful clubs spinning electro beats in sleepy fishing towns to rooftop beach parties in some on the swankiest cities- this is a romance we hope endures!  And what better way to embrace this new scene than in your black swish jacket? Cosmopolitan looks meet beach functionality so you can spend all day in the water and then throw on some bottoms and hit the town!

 Girls Guide to the Top 5 Cosmopolitan Beach Parties!

1. Blue Venado at Playa del Carmen: Blue Venado is a favorite location for the infamous Project Sound Team who host parties with big name DJ's that one would find in major techno cities such as Berlin; however, this venue consists of a DJ palapa and a palapa bar out in the middle of nowhere in Mexico. Situated off the highway between Tulum and Playa del Carmen in Quintana Roo, Blue Venado has the ocean on one side and the jungle on the other. This stunning beach club has parties that last for 18 hours, and you can hear the cheers as people watch the sunrise and the music kicks up again.

Punto Venado is a magical place, the vibe is very chilled out so there is no anger in the air.  People get really into the DJ's so you can hear them shouting in excitement. It has also managed to escape the Ibizia curse and remains relatively unknown to the masses.

Conclusion: Project Sound throws the best party of your life at this mystical beach cabana with headlining DJ's.

Tips: Ladies, make sure you have a cab number to call to get you back into to town! It is a long walk to hail a cab on the highway, and I would not suggest doing it alone. Also bring adequate cash for the whole night, a jacket, bikini, and sunglasses!

2. Nest Rooftop Lounge in Bangkok: Bangkok is quickly making itself known as one of the world's premier party locations. Nest Rooftop Lounge on the ever-happening Soi 11 embodies the swanky pulsing vibe of the city. Every month Nest holds it's popular "Miami Beach Party". Sand is poured and umbrellas are open, turning the city rooftop into a virtual beach. This party was a staple of mine when I would leave the tiny Thai island I was living on to visit friends in Bangkok.

Going along with it's Miami Beach theme, Nest serves up a delightful combination of chilled out music (from live to minimal chill techno) and massive mojitos at a reasonable price.


Nest is always bopping with the coolest of the cool people. Thai nationals who love the party, affluent travelers, or the ex-pats all come to this rooftop to chill, mingle, and have a great party. Manger Johann always makes the rounds with a bottle of stoli to free pour shots down willing participants throats as the night gets going.

Conclusion: Beach party that goes all day and night in Bangkok's swanky Sukhumvit, where you are bound to run into everyone who you know.

Tips: Don't wear a bikini. Thailand is a little conservative. Ditto to heels, the floor gets sandy and it is harder to dance as the evening wears on!

3. Hotel Fontainebleau, Miami Beach

You might laugh and say it's for tourists and celebrity hoppers, but the Hotel Fontainebleau in Miami's hot Beach district has so many parties each night that it is bound to get your head spinning! The decedent interior is host to many clubs and bars all with an ocean view. The main bar downstairs features an aquatic theme will the rest of the hotel varies from steak houses to sleek clubs.  Chelsea and I have been known to make a pit stop on our way in Miami. A bit cheesy, but purely Miami Beach.

Conclusion: Party with the ubur trendy, the famous, the desperate, the cool, the jaded, the beautiful, and the tourists. Hey, it is just another day in Miami Beach!

Tips: Avoid the main bar at peak hours and make a table reservation with all your friends to party and people watch.

4. North Avenue Beach, Chicago

Chicago is one of the wholesome midwestern cities where people are happy and friendly. It is lucky to not embody  the pretension of New York, and the flakiness of L.A.  While it lacks the ocean, it has miles and miles of lakefront property in the middle of downtown! Due to the long winter, when summer arrives it is time to hit the great outdoors and PARTY!

North Avenue beach comes alive with open volleyball tournaments and grillouts. Everybody knows it is the place to be on Saturdays and Sundays in the summer for the day party. Drinking is not allowed on the beach front, but that is ok as Castaways bar (in the form of a steam ship) is right there waiting for you!

North Street Beach and Castaways

Conclusion: Good clean daytime fun in downtown Chicago.

Tips: Join the volleyball tournaments. They are so much and the party after is a great way to meet people.

5. Rock Bar, Bali

Winding down the list is one of my favorite places to simply chill out, admire the view, and sip a great cocktail. Bali is where people go to get away from it all and Rock Bar at the Ayana Resort is just the pace to do that.

Set up in the towering cliffs, Rock Bar features a sleek minimalist design. Be inspired by one of the best views on the island as the pink light plays tricks with crashing waves while you sip on innovative cocktails such as the Spiced Rock (Belvedere Vodka, Orange Curacao, Fresh Orange, Lime, Rosemary, Fresh Ginger, Wild Honey, Ginger Ale). The music lineup is impressive from Third Eye Blind playing an acoustic set to Indonesia's most famous DJ spinning deep house.

Conclusion: Come for the sunset view, stay forever. . .

Tips: No braids, bintang shirts, board shorts, or flip flops! (Really do they look good anyways?)

If you need some inspiration to get in the party mood, check out our "Going Cosmopolitan Swish Style" playlist on grooveshark!