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Sharkwater Creator and Evironmental Champion Rob Stewart Sports his Swish!

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Creator of the revoluionary must see documentary, Sharkwater, Rob Stewart is more than a cute documentarian, he is in essence a revolution starter. His brilliant videography takes us on a global crusade to end shark finning. We at Swish LOVED this Sharkwater. We loved it so much that Victoria flew down to Mexico to give him a custom made Swish free diving suit in 2010 while he was filming whale sharks off the coast of Cozumel.

Swish Suits                       Swish Suits

Fabulous, all fabulous! Rob's film helped spark world wide pressure and movements to ban shark finning all over the globe. Rob traveled so much speaking about ocean conservation that until this last year he had not been diving in over four years! But he recently got back into his Swish Suit long enough to film his newest documentary Revolution co directed by Gus Van Sant.


Swish Suits

Rob is an ecological warrior and also a family friend for years of ours, but what excites us most here at Swish is the growing popularity of being eco we see in the Revolution movement. We often get asked why our suits are so expensive. Besides being the only women's wetsuits that are eco and made in North America, our suits are so expensive because we choose to invest in the future. And because we refuse to make crap. Because we choose mother nature over profit. Because, ultimately, we choose you. Swish Suits

I spent about 5 years traveling the world teaching scuba diving and documenting reef ecology after university from 2008-2013. It literally hurt my soul to watch ecologists get on the news talking about the devastation of giant oil spills wearing wetsuits made from petrol. We are so uninformed about what we put on or in our bodies. So I searched around Asia for two years until I found Yamamoto neoprene which produces neoprene from limestone instead of petrol. I then designed suits in over three different continents before I brought it to the USA. We are currently the only wetsuits made exclusively for women in the USA using this revolutionary material. Our suits are also the sexiest out there on the market and Yamamoto neoprene is known to be the best performance neoprene globally. We pride ourselves as being Eco, Sexy, and High Performance. Despite pressure we will not yield and make anything else lower cost/less eco despite a possibly larger market share. We will never.

We need more revolution, more caring, more responsibility to pay to clean up our environment. And this must happen now or we might not have an environment to save. The UN is predicting by 2048 there will not be anymore coral reefs left. Watch Rob Stewart's documentary, buy an eco wetsuit, stop eating meat, donate to Sea Shepard . Be willing to pay for eco products and stand for our Mother Earth!

Swish Suits

5 Ways to Turn Back the Aging Clock: Beauty Blog by Gwen

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5 Ways to Turn Back the Aging Clock


Aging is a natural process, but unfortunately, nobody in the world wants to get older. At the very least, nobody wants to look older than they really are!


That’s why products that aim to turn back the clock and make you look like a previous version of yourself are so popular and people spend millions of dollars each year on anti-aging and beauty product. While there might not be a silver bullet for aging, there are some very real ways you can help turn back the aging clock – at least a few minutes.


Image Courtesy of ShutterStock


Protect Yourself From the Sun


Nothing makes you look older faster than sun damage. For that reason, it’s incredibly important that you protect yourself from the sun every minute that you’re outside – even on days when you don’t think the sun is likely to be a major problem.


To protect yourself, get in the habit of applying sunblock on a regular basis, and always use a broad-spectrum sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Sunscreens with SPF factors in the 100s aren’t necessary, but reapplying regularly is.


Get in the habit of applying sunscreen early and often.


Eat More Vegetables


You know vegetables are good for you and are packed with healthy vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. Now there’s also some evidence that they may actually work to slow the aging process by getting rid of toxins and reducing oxidative damage in the body.


How many vegetables do you need to eat? There’s no exact answer, but following the Harvard School of Public Health’s recommendation of about 2 1/2 cups per day is can’t hurt.



Image Courtesy of Wikimedia

Get More Sleep


Americans don’t get enough sleep, and the average American is several hours under the recommended eight hours per night. Unfortunately, when you don’t get enough rest, your body creates the stress hormone cortisol, which breaks down skin cells.


On the other side of the coin, getting enough rest each night aids in HGH production – the human growth hormone – which helps your body create new skin cells faster!


Reduce Your Stress Level


Nobody enjoys stress, and unfortunately, a certain amount is just part of life for most people. However, taking steps to reduce the amount of stress you experience can help you look better and younger.


Like not getting enough sleep, being stressed out raises cortisol levels in the blood, which causes thinner skin and even makes you weaker by reducing muscular tissue under the skin. By reducing stress, you’ll lower your cortisol levels, lending to a younger and more youthful appearance.


To reduce stress, many experts recommend taking up a hobby you enjoy or simply making time to relax each day. Activities like yoga, meditation, and even plain old exercise can be helpful for reducing stress and they’re also good for your body and mind.


Try Sleeping on Your Back


Sleeping on your back might sound like strange advice for preventing the signs of aging from showing, but the way you sleep can affect how you look. That’s because sleeping on your side can create “cleavage” wrinkles when the skin is pressed together, and sleeping on your stomach results in wrinkles on your neck from being pressed up against your pillow all night.


Although difficult to change your sleep patterns overnight, trying to fall asleep on your back is a step in the right direction.


Most of these tips are pretty simple, and chances are you already know that they’re good for you! However, that’s what’s most important when it comes to aging – doing the things you know you should, like wearing sunscreen and eating right.


Cosmetics companies can offer all the miracle creams and cures they want, but there’s no substitute for taking care of yourself.


Gwen Lewis is a freelance writer in Southern California. She encourages everyone to take practical steps toward looking younger and becoming healthier. As a beauty and health writer, she often contributes to the Skintrium blog.



Going Green Swish Style is a Form of LOVE: How and why in the face of the trillion dollar fashion industry's wastefulness, we at Swish cultivate and express our personal eco-consciousness

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In an article by Beth Greer in July for the Huffington Post, it is stated that “poor working conditions, minimal environmental regulations, and child and slave labor are commonplace in the $1 trillion garment industry.” One of the largest problems, perhaps arguably the industry's problem period, is us consumers and our attitudes toward fashion and our apparel. We buy and buy to stay “in fashion” and on top of recent trends. In this way, here at Swish, we have sought to first change our own behaviour on a personal level.


Swish Ladies Take “Less is More” Pretty Seriously

Obviously being an apparel company, us Swish ladies are and have always been pretty into fashion. But being into fashion for us does not always translate to buying the newest Chanel (in fact I have only bought one designer bag in my life, an Louis Vuitton last year), it may be as simple as cutting up an old H&M shirt. One of our most basic concepts is to buy only items that we LOVE in effort to cut down on the amount we own and our closet turnover (using the bag example further, I have literally three bags: my large everyday amazing LV bag, a small dinner or night out over the shoulder Juicy Couture purse, and a super large oversized beach/all around adventure over the should bag recycled from old kiteboarding kites, this one is my favourite actually).


(This bag was a gift from the Pro Kiter, Swish Team Member, and all around cool chica, Jessika Winkler, check her out!)

This “less is more” attitude was one of the founding concepts behind our ONE Line. The ONE Line is aptly named as such as you only need one article of the ONE Line to use in the gym, to grab coffee with your friend, or paddle board in the ocean! By making our ONE Line items multipurpose and high performance, you need fewer items in your closet, and we manufacturers need not make three items where one will suffice. A little more about why we love being eco.

We Love Water




Sadly, it was reported in 2012 that “an estimated 17 to 20% of industrial water pollutioncomes from textile dyeing and treatment and an estimated 8,000 synthetic chemicals are used throughout the world to turn raw materials into textiles, many of which will be released into freshwater source,” The Guardian Sustainable Business. It is an interesting question for us here at Swish though, we are an aquatic company and we are using water to produce products for the water. To combat this, we have taken the following steps within our Swish machine:


1) All ONE Line and Swish Design Studio's (SDS) materials are located produced and sourced, we do not import anything we use in our Playa del Carmen factory.


2) All ONE Line and the SDS's products are locally made by Mexicans, our two factories here are family owned and operated and employ fair trade Mayan and Mexican labour.


3) All hangtags and any printing are made from recycled paper.


4) All wash care/size labels are made from fabric leftovers from other products.


5) The ONE Line principal of you need only ONE means less buying, fewer garments made, less waste produced.


6) Our wetsuits are Yamamoto neoprene which is made to order in Japan, meaning the all orders are custom and there is less waste in neoprene made that may sit there and need to be thrown out.


7) All our YKK zippers on our products are recycled YKKs.

8) Swish does not distribute printed materials of any kind and ALL business is done electronically.

9) Our internal business structure is global without our physical office presence, meaning less waste and overhead. We communicate via Skype and everything is electronic. We have our office headquarters and our business Swish investor Carolyn in Chicago, a fulfillment centre in Rockford, IL, our wetsuit factory is in Vancouver, CA, our SDS's two factories and offices are in Playa del Carmen, MX, our IT and web designer is based in Germany, and my other Swish Business parter, our South Pacific director and Swish Life Blogger Victoria lives in Thailand

Yamamoto Neoprene: Does being made from Limestone make our wetsuits eco?


There is some debate out there about companies calling themselves eco and green, when perhaps they are not fully. We here at Swish think this is deprecating and that all companies making any efforts at all to be more gentle in their environmental impact should be celebrated and rewarded! This leads me to the current debate around Yamamoto neoprene and its being a more Eco-consious choice of neoprene. Most of you out there reading this probably already know that we here at Swish use only Yamamoto neoprene, neoprene that is famous for being made from limestone instead of typical neoprene which is made from petrol. Aside from the irrefutable fact that any product not contributing to the oil industry is inherently more eco, limestone mining still uses oil dependent machines and limestone is still a non-renewable source. As Patagonia and Seventh Wave wetsuits put it, ultimately perhaps just using Yamamoto neoprene does not guarantee you are making a fully green wetsuit, but, we here at Swish sure as h$*$% see it as the only green alternative! A little more about Yamamoto neoprene revels that it is a more conscious choice of wetsuit material than its petrol brother:

  1. The limestone in Yamamoto neoprene is mined and heated at high temps, however, Yamamoto states that its production process uses one-tenth of the heat used in refining petroleum. Furthermore, this heat used is created by burning old used tires as well as hydroelectrically sourced from several locals dams. All heat waste is reused at a local eel nursery. Cool eh?
  2. Yamamoto neoprene is also warmer, for example our 3mm is warmer than any 4mm and is often still warmer than many 5mm suits out there. Because of the higher micro cell structure of limestone based neoprene, it means that less limestone and material is used to make the neoprene itself. Now what is not eco about that!
  3. Seventh Wave Wetsuits, make a great point in that since limestone based neoprene lasts 2-3 times longer than typical neoprene, it lowers wetsuit turnover rates and how many suits end up in landfills.
  4. Here is a little more about the material we use and love.

Eco is a Form of Love

To us Swish ladies, the whole concept of green and eco lies in our hearts. When you live the lifestyle that will demand the least you can from our earth, being eco is a mode of self expression! I am sitting here at a small family run cafe, I have with me one of my only three purses, my doggie, this macbook that I have had for 5 years, a glass used Voss water container I carry water around in, and my mode of transport which are my sandal-clad feet jeje! There are soooo many wonderful ways in which we can all do more with less, embrace it and get creative. Express your love and concern for our beautiful earth in your own unique way :).


I bought a car this year, but since 2010 I used bike as my only means of transport, I used to bike from fabric market to our factory, to our silk screener a few times a day transporting all our ONE Line Items with me!






The ABCs of Bonaire: By Meredith at Reeftraveler

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Time for one of my favorite things. . . GUEST BLOGS!  Without hesitation (because you are all sick of me, hehe) I give you. . .

"The ABCs of Bonaire: By Meredith at Reeftraveler"


About Meredith

Growing up in the mountains of West Virginia, I learned to love nature and the environment. In 1995 I became SCUBA certified, and my obsession with the underwater world began. Three years ago I picked up an underwater camera, and I haven’t looked back. I’ve photographed reefs and their inhabitants all around the globe from the Maldives to Tahiti to Australia to Roatan. Today I am the editor of Reeftraveler, a blog about diving, snorkeling, island travel, underwater photography and ocean conservation. Follow my journey at www.reeftraveler.com


Meredith in Bonaire – Sporting the Swish One Jacket



In the far reaches of the southern Caribbean, you’ll find a land where donkeys, goats and flamingos roam free. It’s a Dutch island where the reef beckons from sparkling aquamarine shores, and where the reef is home to more fish species than any other locale in the Caribbean.


Bonaire Reef from Buddys


And while this island called Bonaire is small in landmass, it boasts a large number of diverse dive sites and is arguably the shore diving capital of the Caribbean. It’s also a great place for underwater photographers to home their skills.


Meredith with an underwater subject


Chain Moray Eel


So what do I like most about Bonaire’s diving?


Attitude of diving freedom – Many of the island’s dive shops offer inexpensive unlimited shore diving packages, 24/7 access to tanks, free Nitrox, boat dives and convenient dive lockers. Some even have tank pick-up drive thru stations.


Bountiful sea life and variety of species – According to REEF, Bari Reef on Bonaire is home to the most diverse fish population in the Caribbean.  And in general, Bonaire is home to several species rarely seen in the Caribbean such as frogfish, scorpionfish, seahorses and manta rays (we had two manta sightings during our stay).


Anemone at Bari Reef

 Barracuda at Salt Pier Dive Site

 Manta at Salt Pier Dive Site


Conservation- Bonaire’s history of marine conservation efforts is renowned.  The Bonaire Marine Park was founded in 1979 with the goal of maintaining the ecosystem and protecting the island’s underwater resources.  Also, the island is very serious about lionfish control.  After completing a course, divers are allowed to hunt lionfish using an ELF (Eliminate Lion Fish) device.  Several restaurants on the island serve lionfish on their menus.


Bonaire is also a great place for snorkelers who do not dive. Many of the sites are shallow and perfect for snorkeling. Also, many of the dive shops take snorkelers on their dive boats.

Happy Earth Day from Swish Suits!

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Hello Swish Fans! I hope that you are all having a green and clean Earth Day.  Since 1970, Earth Day has been a day of mobilization and education on issues facing our planet. This has become more pressing in recent times as, "we treat this world of ours as though we have a spare in the trunk."  That is why I am encouraging you all to get involved and educated this Earth Day, even if it is just reading a five minute article.


I have been lucky enough to do some traveling in my life to some amazing places.  I find that the beauty in this planet is so wondrous that I am surprised at our lack of passion for the earth. . .  So in the spirit of today, here are:

4 Great Activities to Celebrate Earth Day!

1) Watch a documentary: Fall in love with the earth all over again as you listen to stories and view amazing footage.  Rob Stewart's latest film "Revolution" is an eye opening account on how we must save the earth if we want to save ourselves.  It is in theaters in Canada today! Other swish picks: "Planet Earth,"  "Sharkwater," "An Inconvenient Truth," and "The Cove."

Rob filming "Revolution"

2) Have an Earth Day Picnic.

Gather your friends and co-workers together and have an Earth Day Picnic! Make sure to cook sustainable foods and use reusable containers. Each person shares one issue that they are passionate about with the group.  Great food, great conversation, and great friends make for an educational Earth Day!

3) Join a Local Event.

Most areas will be hosting a local Earth Day event.  Join in and learn about how you can help in your region.


4) Make a Resolution.

I find Earth Day to be a better time to make resolutions than NYE.  Find a quiet place and think about your daily routine.  Evaluate your impact on the Earth.  Now pick one non- eco friendly activity to change for forever.

I hope you are all having a wonderful Earth Day and enjoying being here on this beautiful planet.  I will leave you with some words from John Muir:

"When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world."

- Happy Earth Day from Swish Suits




Swish Eco Tip of the Month: Being Green at the Office

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Hello all, I used to be lucky enough to have my office be the ocean; however, at the moment I am in our headquarters in Chicago.  Now, I have written several articles on ocean conservation and what not, so I thought that this month's eco tip could be on how to keep it green in corporate land if like me you are stuck inside dreaming about the ocean ;)

View from my office at the moment. . .

1) Go Paperless

Who wants the clutter anyways? Many people are now using electronic signatures or digitally encrypted signatures.  If you do a bit of research or ask the IT department, you can start doing this too. I am also a huge fan of scanning instead of faxing, and keeping everything organized in dropbox for easy sharing! Poof! Papers be gone!

2) Bring Food From Home

Eating out can mean plastic containers and food from unsustainable sources.  Making an effort to bring your food from home can not only cut down on waste, but eliminate unsustainable food sources from your diet!  I am a big fan of glass containers as they microwave easily and are very durable.

3) Ditch the Car

Walking or biking to work is a great way to get exercise.  Bring a book with you on the metro and enrich your mind.  Carpool and get to know someone better.  Ditching the car is good for you and the environment!

View from our ocean office!

I hope to see you all in our ocean office someday soon!

Happy Valentine's Day from Swish Suits

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Happy Valentine's Day to all our lovely swish people out there! We just wanted to tell all our Swish readers how much we love them today and how much we hope that they love. . . their Swish Suit! In the spirit of all things valentine-y, here is a short list of a few more things we love here at swish!

1) Our Swish Girls. . . Seriously, could anybody rock harder than these chicks?

2) Sports! Diving, yoga, kiteboarding, surfing, snowboarding, etc. . . You name it and we make a jacket for it ;)

3) The Ocean. . . In all of it's beauty. . .


4) Our Friends! BlondeTraveler, Rob Stewart, Flipflop and Treacle, Scuba Diver Girls, Kindness Changes Everything, Ban's Technical Diving, Team Blue Immersion, and many many more!

5) Our Swish Suits!!!!!!!


We hope you have a wonderful day full of all the people and activities you love!

Technical Diving Dahab’s Blue Hole with Team Blue Immersion: Guest Blog by Laura

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This week our guest blogger Laura is here to get you out of your Christmas comas with exciting tales of doing her technical diving training in Egypt!

Technical Diving Dahab’s Blue Hole with Team Blue Immersion by Laura

We all seek adventure in our lives and no diving experience can be more adrenaline spiking than delving into the world of technical diving. There is something otherworldly about descending into the monstrous abyss of our oceans which we know less about than space itself.

Technical diving involves diving beyond our recreational limits usually involving a use of special gas mixtures, diving beyond 40mts (130ft), staged decompression or diving in an overhead environment beyond a 40mt linear line from the surface. It requires specialized equipment, advanced training, experience and above all else discipline. It is the ultimate thrill and no amount of words can describe the feeling of accomplishment after extensively planning and completing a tec dive.


I had my first taste of tec diving on Koh Tao, Thailand with the wonderful team at Ban’s Tec starting off with an intro experience and I ended up completing my Tec40 course there. I loved the discipline and the new level of diving skills acquired as I’m always thirsty for that next challenge and endeavored to take it further. That’s when I decided to make the jump from Thailand to Egypt to experience the delights of the Red Sea along with the epic Team Blue Immersion at Dahab Divers Technical.

No diving destination has ever fascinated me more than the Red Sea with such extreme terrestrial desolation of arid desert meeting the rich underwater Nirvana of marine life, the experience is like going from night to day. Team Blue Immersion are close friends of mine and in more ways than one have changed my life for the better from helping guide me through my initial Dive Instructor training to coaxing me further over that tec precipice making me ever thirsty for more.


All our training was done at their shore front store with only a short hop off the beach you are descending into depths of 40mt and beyond at Lighthouse dive site. The first few training sessions are spent in the shallows working on trim body positions, back finning, maneuvering and neutral buoyancy to completely alter your previous diving abilities to an elite level.  Once skills were mastered and after much anticipation it was time to do the thing I had longed for; take a decompression dive in Dahab’s famous Blue Hole.


The Blue hole in Dahab is a submarine sinkhole, a kind of vertical cave which reaches depths of 130mt with a 26mt long tunnel known as The Arch which leads from the central zone of the Blue Hole out to the open ocean, the top of which lies at 56mt. The clear blue waters and its arch are the reason for the Blue hole being notorious for diving fatalities as the water clarity is deceptive making the arch appear shallower and shorter than it actually is, hence the temptation for inexperienced divers to attempt to go through it without the appropriate training.


I am so excited I could burst.  After prepping the gear and an extensive dive briefing going over our deco schedules we entered the rich blue water and signal our descent. The sight within the first breath underwater is outstanding such a rich life below the surface and my first deco dive in the Blue Hole was one to remember but soon to be eclipsed by my first Trimix dive through the arch. That was truly a dive of a lifetime seeing the ghost of the arch up ahead I could finally understand how enticing it was and the feeling of awe to look up at this archaic rock roof as you went through the arch I’ve never felt so alive!


It was the most memorable dive of my life and one I recommend to all you Swishers. Thanks to Team Blue Immersion for making me a Tec addict! I am ever thirsty for more!

Swish Running: Riviera Maya Race Recap by Stephanie

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This week we are so happy to Stephanie from Destination 26.2 blog for us! An amazing athlete, Stephanie will be recapping all the amazing athletic events she takes part in!

A Little Bit About Stephanie

Stephanie is founder of Destination 26.2 and an endurance runner.  She is a yoga teacher specializing in Yoga for Athletes, and currently teaches Hatha & Vinaysa classes in Playa del Carmen. She has a background in Rural Community Development and has lived and worked in West Africa, Sri Lanka, Canada and Mexico.


Swish Running: Riviera Maya Race Recap

 Greetings from Playa del Carmen! Each fall runners from around the Riviera Maya (and of course the world!) are busy preparing for a number of races including the Xel Ha Triathlon (Nov 17-18) , Puerto Aventuras 5 and 10km (Dec 2) and of course December’s annual Cancun International Marathon (Dec 9). This year, we were all looking forward to an extra event, the first ever Riviera Maya Marathon , which took place on October 28, 2012 here in Playa.

This race included a fun run 3km, a 10km, half marathon 21km and the full 42 km marathon. My running goals over this season have been to run the Cancun half in December, which will kick start my Boston 2013 training, so I opted to run the 21km to check out my time and get a sense of where I’m at for this distance.

To date, this has probably been one of the best publicized events of its sort in the area and there was a combined 1500 runners among all the races (The Cancun Marathon organizers this year have also done a fantastic job and the 2012 versions is also sure to be bigger and better than ever before!) Things kicked off with the race expo on Saturday where my friend Lori, of Sweetfire Photography (www.sweetfirephotography.com), and I were multi-tasking with work on a video project as well as picking up some race packages.

All the runners were at the start at Centro Maya before sunrise and there was, as always, a great sense of excitement, fueled by nerves, caffeine and adrenaline (I’m speaking for myself here!). Things always calm down for me once we get running and this race was no exception.

I've written about my own race over at my blog www.playarunners.com/blog, but will share here that this was actually my fastest 21km ever by 3 minutes, probably due to cooler weather, running with a pack of runners at my pace for most of the race and knowing each twist and turn after running here in Playa for almost 5 years. I came second among the female 21 km runners, which was kind of exciting. The top 5 runners of the 42km were all pretty spectacular athletes, and on a team from Kenya!

The 21 and 42 km route were more or less the same, with full marathon runners doubling back to run it twice. There was more than a bit of confusion among the 10km runners due to lack of course marking at that distance and most ran somewhere between 14-21km. As these things go, of course many were tired and upset, but in general just hoping that next year this will be a lesson learned. Both the 21 and 42 km routes were great, and quite diverse, with us running along 5th and 10th, into more residential areas, through the golf course surrounding my lush green and with some glimpses here and there of the sea.

As I mentioned, Lori and are busy at work creating some video projects and she was kind enough to put together some clips of the race morning that demonstrate the atmosphere of camaraderie and competition. I’m in the hot pink shorts!




I’m so happy to be able to share a recap of this event with you. I’m always running around the area and you can find more information about upcoming events at both my blog and my website www.destination262.com. We offer running tours of Playa as well! When I’m not running, I’m often teaching yoga (or maybe napping on the beach). I am always excited to connect with other swish-minded folks so please feel free to contact me at stephanie@destination262.com.

Swishing from Kansas to Mexico and Everywhere Inbetween, By Meghan

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This week we are featuring our Guest Blogger Meghan! She will be telling you all about moving back and forth between two places she loves and how she still manages to do all her favorite activities (in her swish!) Here is a little bit about Meghan's life now, and tomorrow she will be telling you about swishing in Kansas!

A Little Bit About Meghan

Meghan is an animal lover, fitness guru, scuba diver, foodie, runner, yogi, and most importantly, a happy wife. She currently lives in Playa del Carmen and enjoys diving and exploring the reef life of the Caribbean and the cenotes of the Yucatan. You can find Meghan on Twitter @KansasPokerWife or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kansas-Poker-Wife/225195727609017


Swishing from Kansas to Mexico and Everywhere Inbetween, By Meghan

I’m so excited to be blogging for Swish Suits. These girls really know how to empower women and look sexy doing it. I first want to tell you a little about myself. I am a 27-year old wife of a professional poker player from Kansas who tries to live life to the fullest and without regrets. I am an animal lover who fights natural selection any chance I can. I enjoy anything in nature, (except camping… I hate camping…), especially hiking, running, biking, kayaking, skiing, and diving.


I started my blog KansasPokerWife.com a little over a year ago, to keep in touch with friends and family, but lately, it has evolved to my little brag book! I blog about the things I love: food, exercise, my dogs, my marriage, diving, and my life in beautiful Playa del Carmen, Mexico!


I’m a born health nut. I grew up constantly trying to cook delicious and nutritious meals and reading as many fitness magazines as I could get my hands on. When I went off to college at Kansas State University, I knew exactly which field I was going to study. I received my Bachelor’s degrees in Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition and my Master’s degree in Exercise Science. I’ve worked professionally as a Personal Trainer, Health and Wellness Coach, and Nutrition Consultant. I am passionate about living the best life I can and motivating others to do the same.


Living the best life I can means evolving my definition of healthy. Recently, I started CrossFit, became more serious about yoga, and received my Advanced Open Water Certification from PADI. All of my experiences in the health and fitness industry have been valuable, but diving is the coolest thing I’ve ever done. Although, I’m a relatively new diver, I tell anyone who will listen about the amazing sea life, the feeling of complete weightlessness, the immensity of the ocean, and the beauty of our planet experienced only as a scuba diver. I look forward to traveling and seeing more of Earth’s boundless beauty.


Girls Swish Trip anyone?


I had a wonderful and adventurous first year in PdC, and I look forward to sharing more of my experiences with the Swish family.


“Recognize that you have the courage within you to fulfill the purpose of your birth. Summon forth the power of your inner courage and live the life of your dreams.”

  • Gurumayi Chidvilasananda