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Swish Girls from Around the Globe: Wendy Cohen about her Swish, her Rollerskating, and her Paradise Surf Town!

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If you told me a year ago I would be living in paradise I would have laughed at you - I already lived there. My few days visit to Playa del Carmen, in January 2010, had turned into 4 years of fun, sun, occasional hard work and this crazy town had now become the place I called 'home'. But in January this year, in true Swish spirit, I thought I'd take an adventure to see what was going on in the rest of the world (or at least another part of Mexico!). Bets were made on how long I would last away from my beloved Riviera Maya.

Playa del Carmen

Cut to 7 months, and many bets won later and I am a proud Oaxaqueña, a resident of the beautiful Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. What changed me from a loyal Playense? Mainly finding a new home at the Hotelito Osa Mariposa. You know that awesome feeling when you meet someone or arrive at a new place and you just know that something in your life is going to change? I found all of that and luckily they asked me to stay and work for them.

Osa Mariposa

My new life is located right in between the famous surf beaches of La Punta and Zicatela, home of the famous Mexican Pipeline, a Mecca for surfers from all over the world. Thanks to the hostel's amazing vegetarian/vegan restaurant and finally being able to use my roller skates, for the first time since arriving in Mexico, I have never felt healthier.

Swish One Line Crop

























On a daily basis I get to hang out with surf dudes, beach bums, yogis, writers, cyclists, skaters, swimmers, divers, backpackers, weekend travelers, four cats and the best little black kitten ever.

A couple of years ago I got my life's philosophy tattooed on my back - "Libérate, Descúbrete, Enamórate, No Mires Atrás". I have no idea how long I will stay here but this current adventure has encapsulated it perfectly.

Exploring the world is an amazing experience but when you find your own paradise, stop a while and smell the roses (or do it Swish style and surf, swim, dive, kiteboard, run, climb, skate and see the roses on your way past).


Wendy Cohen, Our Swish Life Mexico Corespondent 

Swish One Line Jacket


Dolphin Wakeboarding?

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A new sport? We all wish! We met the lovely and free-spirited Rachel Callhan and her Pro-Leezure crew in the Bahmas in 2012. The Pro-Leezure Crew, which consisted of Rachel and her boyfriend Grom Gormley also a pro kiter and their friend and captain Gary Rhodes . The crew was sailing where the wind may lead them for however long they felt like it trading kite lessons for food or any supplies they might need. We were fortunate enough to have been on the receiving end of one of those lessons.  We soon knew we needed to sponsor her wish Swish!


Rachel is now also a National Team rider for Best Kiteboarding.

Swish Suits
Swish Suits

We keep up with all her competition winnings but perhaps the most amazing thing we have ever seen from Rachel is her magical YouTube video gone viral with 8 million views of her wake boarding with dolphins! What a cool chick, Rachel.

Want more Swish: @SwishSuits, Swish Suits FB, and @Swish_Suits

Biker Chick and Yogi Pat Bailey Rocks Her Swish and Her Own Style!

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It is no secret I have been sneakily adding yoga pics and videos into the Swish brand for a couple years now after becoming an instructor myself in 2011. I found that yoga not only helped me control my breathing underwater, especially adding to my apnea experience but also just my general lifestyle and vibe in a way nothing else has ever before for me. Yoga changed my life, not in the same way as diving did but I feel that yoga was the finesse, the cherry on my sundae of life experience. It drove home and made sense of all the special things I felt underwater. So for the month of July, we wanted to share a very special yogi and athlete with you all, Miss Pat Bailey. We at Swish have been watching her on IG for a year now, but she has grown so #instafamous with a following over 62K that she is now a recommended account to follow by the makers of instagram itself as @patbailey! She was kind enough to send us here at Swish killer photos of her rocking out her Swish ONE Line Jacket in Sporty Yellow.

Swish Suits


Pat started Yoga with PB and is a Bhakti Vinyasa Flow RYT September 2014 with a Moksa Flow Studio Coming in 2014 #moksaflow. She is also one badass biker!

yoga with PB


More on PB just general being amazing.

Yoga with PB 1412550_1443681235858532_969868360_o

We cannot promise that buying our Swish ONE Line Items in Yellow with make you as cool as Pat, but we can promise you might get that little edge you need. So get them 30% Off while you can for July only here.

Swish On for now and much love!

Interested in Swish Yoga? You can check out some of our Swish Yoga vids in YouTube

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/ZCoRJ0Oc9D8?list=UUyEijdG1sKcwebSTQeJtoIg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Death Swim, Swish Chicago Headquarters, and Wild Man Jesse Levin!

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It is officially 7:30 am, cloudy as always in the great north city that is Chicago, and I am awake. Not only awake but already working. Why? Gasp! Would a Swish girl be awake working at such an hour? Ok, maybe awake to surf or yoga but work? What is happening to me here at home? "Chelsea Berg" "Swish Suits"

Never fear friends! I am not afraid of turning into an overachiever. I think I will always be more partial to a laid back vibe than trying too hard at anything. Typical Swish beach bummage dies hard and all that. I am awake now (but will be taking a siesta shortly despite best efforts in an hour or so for sure) as I want to record my morning. What could you call it....experience? More like minor cardiac arrest, a state that I never thought about experiencing rocking through my body. The descriptive words are due to escape me, hence the 7:30 accounting.

So, I swam in Chicago's great Lake Michigan this morning at 5:30 am with the wild man, Jesse Levin. I know Jesse as he is the Senior Cultural Chameleon for Brooklyn Boulders. A rock climbing gym from obviously Brooklyn, NY that is opening in Chicago's West Loop that promises to "offer progressive climbing and fitness experiences while providing an unconventional platform to bring the arts, music, and entrepreneurial communities together." Anyone else excited? So BKB Chicago is still being built and Jesse has been sent here as a Chicago neophyte to break the trail for BKB Chicago. I am still not sure despite spending a tortuous and lovely (perhaps a Jesse specialty?) morning with this community master if his 5:30 am habit of swimming in Lake Michigan in temperatures that only this weekend he claims have gotten warm at a breezy tropical like temp of 17 degrees Celsius (or 63 degrees F for you true Americans), can be called normality for him or spawn from new city boredom. He mentioned over much needed coffee at pretty much the only place open at 6 am after our "swim" that he is pro-gun due to all his time spent running disaster relief programs in Haiti, so I think we can all come to the conclusion that swimming in a freezing lake is perhaps more on the normalcy scale than not for my new friend.

"Jesse Levin" "Swish Suits" "Brooklyn Boulders Chicago"

I got back to Chicago from Miami last week and had texted Jesse to see if he wanted to grab lunch to which he responded, "sure but how about a swim?" I had seen Jesse's "swims" on FB posts and dubbed them in my mind more as "polar soul sucking vortex half drownings." Crazy bastard I would laugh. Oh god, did he mean to ask me to join in one of those? Uff, my hands immediately started to sweat and I loudly announced to my father and sister in the throws of morning coffee Jesse's crazy idea for tropical me. My father told me to "not die" which I thought was ludicrous until I googled findings and indeed two swimmers had just died a couple Wednesdays earlier of hypothermia that takes only minutes to set in in water of this temperature. Now I was not just dreading this, I was actually a little afraid. To put this in perspective though, for those of you that know me, I have accumulated an easy 3,000 submerged hours in the water teaching and otherwise. But all in tropical waters. The coldest water I have experienced was during my brief stint in Egypt working on liveaboards with water about 22 degrees Celsius (71.6 F) and the Cenotes in Mexico get about 24 degrees (75.2 F). 17 C (62 F) was going to be a whole other journey...But I own a wetsuit company so how can one say no? So I said yes and then let it plague me my weekend forward.

The night before our jaunt I had not heard from Jesse and maybe saw glimmers of hope I might be freed of this death swim when I broke down and texted him at 10 pm. Shoot, we were on. I got a text within a few minutes telling me an insulated swimming cap is a good idea. Apparently Jesse swims in nothing else but a cap and swim trucks. Are you starting to get a picture of this man? Needless to say, I had some splotchy sleep and even my dog was not excited to wake up at 5 am. At 5 am this morning Chicago was already a nice balmy grey 54 degrees F so I was already cold coming from Miami and all. I hop into Jesse's car and the vibe is great, I am feeling better. We arrive after a winding trip as I am not sure where we are trying to get to and Jesse is unsure where we are going period. I put on my Swish Wetsuit (www.swishsuits.com) and I see the gorgeous downtown Chicago skyline, the cloudy morning rising over the Drake Hotel. I start feeling jazz music and cognac curse through my veins (I mean I am deep down from here after all). I start to actually get a little excited about this and then......

"wetsuit" "womens-wetsuit" "swish suits" "chelsea berg"

"I refuse to put my face in, I refuse to put my face in, I refuse to put my face in." I just could not feel my arms, like I know they were supposed to be moving but I couldn't see them move and believe me my face was above water water so I could see them. Then they pretty much stopped moving all on their own. Pinching, what is pinching me? I am getting pinched, put your face in the water Chelsea dammit, move your arms, pinching ouch pinching, I cannot breath, like wow I cannot breath. Is this the beginnings of hypothermia, it is, I know it is. The breathing, why is air not going into my lungs, because at this point I could actually feel my lungs. Every breath entering my lungs felt like getting your tongue frozen to ice. And brain freeze, I had the worst brain freeze of my life, but not in my brain (as I could not bring myself to put my head in the water) but in my heart. I had heart freeze. My heart so far from my Swish tropical waters had just given up. I felt it shrink up to a hard little ball and start moving up to my throat in efforts to escape the cold I can only imagine. And then I was doggie paddling....oh how the mighty have fallen. I actually pride myself on my aquatic abilities and though never have I been much of a swimmer, I can and have knocked out a mile of swimming a few times in my life with moderate effort. But this, this was the beginning of death I am sure. Poor Jesse, I am sorry my friend. After probably 2 minutes maximum I had made it from one lake ladder to the next and I was toast. I shame faced paddled over and got out of the death water. I could tell Jesse was a little disappointed the great Swish CEO and mermaid extraordinare had made it maybe 3 feet as he had a lot more death swimming in him but he was oh so very nice about my failure.

And you know what the truly astonishing and slightly sick part of this all is? I will be back. Maybe it is the mermaid in me that never fails in the water, but something in my death swim struck a cord and I want more. How? I do not know and I am already dreading it. But I will be back Lake Michigan my friend.....I will be back. So you said Saturday Jesse? Any takers?

Tips for Travel: How to Arrive Refreshed After a Long Flight

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We all have visions of arriving at our faraway destinations looking glamorous and refreshed; however, we normally end up arriving feeling and looking like a chipmunk that has been caught in a windstorm. . .  Bloating, fatigue, swollen limbs, and upset stomachs are a few common complaints after long flights.  Yeah, not too pretty and also a bit of a bummer as everyone wants to look and feel good immediately on their arrival.  I travel between The States, Mexico, Thailand, and Australia quite a bit, so over the years I have cultivated a few little rituals that can help relieve the nasty side effects of flying.  Here are a few tips for your trip that will help you arrive feeling normal. IMG_3134

1) Drink! No, not the fun stuff, try to stay away from that. . . Drink at least a liter of water for every 8 hours you travel.

2) Get an aisle seat! Feet and legs can swell up to the point where you look like you sprained them during long flights.  Having an aisle seat lets you get up and move around, as well as get to the bathroom.

3) Stretch and Invert!  Get up and touch your toes during your flight.  I am always the crazy girl doing yoga at the airport during my layover.  I recommend doing inversions which helps you depuff. Find a wall and do a handstand or headstand.  If you are not that limber simply lie down and put your feet up on the wall.

4) Eat healthy!  Don't eat the inflight food, it is not real food anyways.  Find something nutritious at the layover stop and eat that instead. I like to carry fruit and nuts with me on board, just make sure not to bring them into the next country.

5) Clean up! Brush your hair, brush your teeth, hell take a little shower in the sink if you want to!

These simple tips should make your arrival close to the Casablanca scenario that you imagine.

Feeling so good after my flight to Thailand that I can don a bikini on the ferry!

Join Swish Suits in the "Bliss Warrior Challenge"

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14154_681541701873770_433649701_n Hi all!

Throughout the month of September, Swish will be taking part in the Bliss Warrior Challenge and we want you to join us!

Each day we will take bliss to a whole new level with daily posts, challenges and inspiration. We're challenging you to move off of the mat and bring that blissed out love filled light into the rest of your life.


All members of the "Bliss Warrior Tribe" will be posting on facebook, instagram, and twitter.  Post your own pics and interpretations of our daily bliss and then get ready for bliss rewards on Saturdays where we'll pick our lucky winners.  Sundays we will see you online for our weekly #blisswarriortribe meet-up on-line!

This challenge is about YOU... your life, your dreams, your inner voice and taking the steps to find or create bliss in your life.


HOW TO JOIN: To join the #blisswarriortribe and qualify for weekly bliss rewards: 1: Follow all members of the tribe: @blisswarrior, @rebeccajoyoga, @beebosnak, @kiyafire, @swish_suits, and @swishsuits

2: Share and TAG #blisswarriortribe & #blisswarriorchallenge

3: The tribe will alternate posts in September kicking it off with: @blisswarrior on Mondays @rebeccajoyoga on Tuesdays @beebosnak on Wednesdays @kiyafire on Thursdays @swish_suits on Fridays @swishsuits on Saturdays Sundays will be a recap and we'll be picking our weekly bliss rewards winners so if you missed a day, you have a chance to repost and share the bliss. We'll announce the winners AND see you online for our weekly tribe gathering 7-8pm central!

4. Share the daily dose of bliss each day to your instagram account and remember to tag the tribe and add the hashtags This challenge is about YOU... your life, your dreams, your inner voice and taking the steps to find or create bliss in your life.

We hope you join us for this amazing month of Bliss!


Guest Blog: Skincare for Watersports Enthusiasts, by Emily from Sports Direct

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Hi Swish Readers! I know that you are all very active in the water, and if you are like me, it can take a toll on your skin!  Luckily for us, Emily Matthews from Sports Direct is guest blogging for us the week on the topic "Skincare for Watersports Enthusiasts!" Enjoy!


Emily Matthews works in ecommerce at Sports Direct. After graduating in design she now creates blogs and social media content specializing in watersports, including health, beauty, nutrition and training tips and advice for regular and causal water sport enthusiasts.

Skincare for Watersports Enthusiasts


Water sports are very popular amongst all sorts of people, especially in the height of summer! There are a few ways of protecting your skin before, during and after taking part in sports such as diving, surfing and kayaking. There are no magical potions or top secret ways of ensuring your skin is left silky smooth and undamaged by the sea…but there are a few steps that it is important not too miss to avoid being left with dry, oily or burnt skin at the end of the day!

Victoria Wakeboarding

The Good

This is great news for acne sufferers or those with lingering scars. Salt water actually improves the appearance and helps to heal acne. The salt in the water gets rid of excess oil in the skin which helps the process of reducing scarring. Although, to avoid opposite effects it is vital you wash away all of the salt afterwards, as increased exposure to salt water or not completely removing the salt from your skin can see a reverse effect and cause acne! So, moderate use and exposure to salt water can work wonders for you skin!


The Bad

Water strips the healthy oils from your skin and can leave you feeling itchy and oily after being in the sea for a certain length of time. The skin realizes it is drier than it should be so starts to produce extra oils. To avoid your skin getting overly oily you should use plenty of waterproof moisturizing lotion before you head out to the waters. This acts as a protective barrier and is a quick solution to prevent your skins condition changing after your swim or time out in the sea. If the weather is hot you should also regularly apply sun cream as the salt water dries your skin out a lot faster in the sun, making you more prone to sun burn.

This may be dependent on the water activity you are part taking in, but chaffing can become a problem. This may be caused by skin on skin chaffing, fabric on skin chaffing or even hair on skin! If you are doing sports for a long period of time, chaffing being caused by one of these factors will effect your ability to finish your activity, so it is a good idea to prepare chaff prone areas by lubricating the skin with products containing either petroleum jelly or lanolin. Alternatively, waterproof medical tape also works effectively to avoid chaffing. Avoid walking around in a wet wetsuit for too long as the damp material will cause you to chaff.


The Ugly

Okay, so perhaps not ugly, but the long term affects you may see if you don’t follow this step! The salty sea water will cause you to burn quicker in the sun so the one thing to remember is to get yourself dry as soon as possible when you come out of the water! It is best to have a shower in fresh water to get rid of all the salt, but not all beaches and water sport areas have showers ready for you to use. Taking a big bottle of water is a handy alternative to rinse yourself down then dry off. Not drying yourself straight away will not only make you vulnerable to sun burn, but the long term effects will leave you with pigmented, chapped and flaky skin. This is not a good look and for regular water sport enthusiasts who don’t dry off properly when they leave the water, they will start to see signs of aging a lot early than they had perhaps planned!

Soaking up the sun in Koh Phangan


So these are just a few safety measures to think about whilst you are taking part in water activities this summer. You can still have as much fun as you want, just remember to stay topped up with sun block and dry yourself straight away!

New Swish Product! Get your leggings on!

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Hello all, We know that we have been teasing you with bikini pics all summer long like this. . .DSC00234

But unfortunately these bikinis are not revolutionary enough yet!  We are still in the process of creating a sexy high performance bikini that will stay on during all extreme sports.  They will be coming out eventually but we do not want to release them until they are perfect so hang in there!

But here is some news to cheer you up! Swish Suits is developing a line of leggings that can be worn out or to the gym!  Chelsea is hard at work at the sewing machine and the yoga studio creating and testing this product slatted to launch this fall!  So stay tuned.


Thank you swish fans!


Happy Valentine's Day from Swish Suits

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Happy Valentine's Day to all our lovely swish people out there! We just wanted to tell all our Swish readers how much we love them today and how much we hope that they love. . . their Swish Suit! In the spirit of all things valentine-y, here is a short list of a few more things we love here at swish!

1) Our Swish Girls. . . Seriously, could anybody rock harder than these chicks?

2) Sports! Diving, yoga, kiteboarding, surfing, snowboarding, etc. . . You name it and we make a jacket for it ;)

3) The Ocean. . . In all of it's beauty. . .


4) Our Friends! BlondeTraveler, Rob Stewart, Flipflop and Treacle, Scuba Diver Girls, Kindness Changes Everything, Ban's Technical Diving, Team Blue Immersion, and many many more!

5) Our Swish Suits!!!!!!!


We hope you have a wonderful day full of all the people and activities you love!

Technical Diving Dahab’s Blue Hole with Team Blue Immersion: Guest Blog by Laura

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This week our guest blogger Laura is here to get you out of your Christmas comas with exciting tales of doing her technical diving training in Egypt!

Technical Diving Dahab’s Blue Hole with Team Blue Immersion by Laura

We all seek adventure in our lives and no diving experience can be more adrenaline spiking than delving into the world of technical diving. There is something otherworldly about descending into the monstrous abyss of our oceans which we know less about than space itself.

Technical diving involves diving beyond our recreational limits usually involving a use of special gas mixtures, diving beyond 40mts (130ft), staged decompression or diving in an overhead environment beyond a 40mt linear line from the surface. It requires specialized equipment, advanced training, experience and above all else discipline. It is the ultimate thrill and no amount of words can describe the feeling of accomplishment after extensively planning and completing a tec dive.


I had my first taste of tec diving on Koh Tao, Thailand with the wonderful team at Ban’s Tec starting off with an intro experience and I ended up completing my Tec40 course there. I loved the discipline and the new level of diving skills acquired as I’m always thirsty for that next challenge and endeavored to take it further. That’s when I decided to make the jump from Thailand to Egypt to experience the delights of the Red Sea along with the epic Team Blue Immersion at Dahab Divers Technical.

No diving destination has ever fascinated me more than the Red Sea with such extreme terrestrial desolation of arid desert meeting the rich underwater Nirvana of marine life, the experience is like going from night to day. Team Blue Immersion are close friends of mine and in more ways than one have changed my life for the better from helping guide me through my initial Dive Instructor training to coaxing me further over that tec precipice making me ever thirsty for more.


All our training was done at their shore front store with only a short hop off the beach you are descending into depths of 40mt and beyond at Lighthouse dive site. The first few training sessions are spent in the shallows working on trim body positions, back finning, maneuvering and neutral buoyancy to completely alter your previous diving abilities to an elite level.  Once skills were mastered and after much anticipation it was time to do the thing I had longed for; take a decompression dive in Dahab’s famous Blue Hole.


The Blue hole in Dahab is a submarine sinkhole, a kind of vertical cave which reaches depths of 130mt with a 26mt long tunnel known as The Arch which leads from the central zone of the Blue Hole out to the open ocean, the top of which lies at 56mt. The clear blue waters and its arch are the reason for the Blue hole being notorious for diving fatalities as the water clarity is deceptive making the arch appear shallower and shorter than it actually is, hence the temptation for inexperienced divers to attempt to go through it without the appropriate training.


I am so excited I could burst.  After prepping the gear and an extensive dive briefing going over our deco schedules we entered the rich blue water and signal our descent. The sight within the first breath underwater is outstanding such a rich life below the surface and my first deco dive in the Blue Hole was one to remember but soon to be eclipsed by my first Trimix dive through the arch. That was truly a dive of a lifetime seeing the ghost of the arch up ahead I could finally understand how enticing it was and the feeling of awe to look up at this archaic rock roof as you went through the arch I’ve never felt so alive!


It was the most memorable dive of my life and one I recommend to all you Swishers. Thanks to Team Blue Immersion for making me a Tec addict! I am ever thirsty for more!