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California: Believe the Hype, Drink the Kool-Aid


"I've got to make it home somehow before I lose my mind. So won't you carry me back to California? I've been on the road too long..." -Carol King

I have always been a little bit skeptical of California.  People seem to go there and never come back. . . Or if they move somewhere else, California is always a basis of comparison.  I recently voyaged out west for two weeks with my mother, who is a true blonde California girl.


I will have to say I fell hard down the rabbit hole, drank all the kool-aid (and Napa wine), and finally believed the hype.

We started our trip in San Francisco for a good friend's wedding.  I loved the architecture and we took a trolley tour between the ceremony and the reception, seeing all the sights including the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and Chinatown.  I will take this time to mention that I managed to eat 2 Asian lunches in one day. . .



The next day we were off to horseback ride in Point Reyes.  We had a great time galloping around all the hills.


Next it was time for Napa Valley, where I proceeding to eat and drink my whole entire body weight.  Possibly just on wine tastings!


I concluded my trip in LA.  I really believe that you either love or hate LA.  There is no middle, no ambivalence.  I happen to love LA, which being a New Yorker, is shocking!  I started my LA trip attending the UNICEF's Next Generation Photo Benefit at Skybar.  It was great to see such a successful event for an organization I wholly support.


The rest of the time was spent hiking, going to bars with bowling alleys, or in old mansions, and driving around in the mustang with the top down and our bikini's on.

I managed to see a lot of California on my trip and loved every bit of land, every horseback ride, every glass of wine, every party, and every friend.  While I might never be the quintessential California Girl, I discovered that I am some sort of California Girl (But shh. . . Don't say it too loud.  I am in NYC and I do not want my neighbours to hear you!)