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New: Ladies' Jacket Wetsuit

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Hello all! A big piece of news for you today.  Swish has come out with a new wetsuit jacket color! womens-wetsuit-jacket

We are totally digging the new ladies' jacket wetsuit color and find it quite Swishy!  In fact, this blogger cannot wait to supplement her wardrobe with it. . . ahem Swish headquarters, ahem. . .

We think that the wetsuit jacket color is going to pop with your fins, masks, boardies, jet skis, water skis, surf boards etc!  What will you be using your jacket for? I am thinking about going boogie boarding in the next couple of days. I think I will also take a bit of a bike trip to Akumal in order to do some turtle snorkeling! I will let you know what they think of my jacket wetsuit, but considering it's eco-friendly, I am sure that the turtles will love it!

What do you think of the new jacket wetsuit color? Is there any other color that you would like to see a ladies' jacket wetsuit in? Let me know: victoria@swishsuits.com