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Best of Underwater Video - 2011

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Hello Swish readers! What was your favourite youtube video this year?

So it seemed like it was the year of youtube! With over 2 BILLION, yes billion, hits a DAY youtube has been dominating the internet.  Here is a count down of our favourite underwater videos of 2010!

7) Scuba Diver Girls Visit Coral World St. Thomas USVI

Our friends the Scuba Diver Girls went to try SNUBA in St. Thomas! We thought they looked like astronauts bouncing on the moon.  Can you spot Margo looking extra chic in her Swish wetsuit?

6) Bulls Session Playa del Carmen 2010

Deep Motion Productions made this underwater video of the bullsharks in Playa del Carmen.  It was a bit bittersweet as the video was made right after a local fisherman killed 9 bullsharks.

5) Interview with Steve Bogarts on Sidemount Diving

Steve Bogarts is one of the classic greats of cave diving and a pioneer of sidemount exploration.  Take a look at this interview with Steve, an underwater hero, and fest your eyes on the beauty of the Cenotes.

4) Philippe Cousteau Jr. Dives in the Gulf Oil Spill

A major travesty this year was the gulf oil spill. Swish friend Philippe Cousteau braved the sludge and dove into the oil spill in order to show the public first-hand underwater video of the ecological destruction that the spill caused.

3) Guillaume Nery Base Jump: Dean's Blue Hole

Absolutely stunning video of freediving in the deepest blue hole.  This one was posted all over your facebook pages, but here it is one more time!

2) 333 Nina Salerosa

Filmed by Joe Romeiro, this clip depicts Christine Zenato playing with some sharks!

And our number one underwater video of the year. . . bah dah dah daaaaa!

1) Rob Stewart Swims with Whalesharks in Swish Suits

Swish Suits made a custom eco wetsuit for Rob Stewart, "Sharkwater", while he was filming a congregation of 200 + whale sharks in Isla Mujeres. This video is a bit special for me because I was lucky enough to be there this day!

Ok so that is the countdown! Did we miss any of your favourite videos? If so post them on our facebook page! We want to hear from you and keep cranking out the great videos guys.


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