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Bahamas Island Vacation


Hello all! I hope that you had a lovely Holiday Season.  I know I did! I am unfortunately back at my computer now, but excited to get to relive my vacation to the Bahamas Islands by telling you all about it!

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Chelsea and I met up with our parents in the Bahamas to boat around the islands and have some family time.  It was so good to see them and to actually see our Mother, who was an integral part of the start of Swish Suits and continues to advise us this day.

Victoria Berg With Momita in the Bahamas

We all met up in Habour Island, where we spent several days catching up and eating copious amounts of good food (don't judge us guys, it was the holidays!)

After that we pushed off to the Exumas, where we harboured at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club.  While there we took the skiff to Grand Major Island in order to feed some pigs!

Grand Major Island Swimming Pigs

You thought I was kidding didn't you? Well you should know better by now! This is a very serious blog! We are super intense here at Swish!

There are several theories to why the pigs are there on the island.  They range from the pigs being put there as possible food source during the war, to strictly for tourism! One thing is certain, these piggies are fantastic swimmers.  So while pigs might not fly, they sure can swim. Bank on that for all of your improbable answers!

After feeding the pigs, we headed to Thunderball cave. Thunderball is the most famous for being the location where the James Bond movie "Thunderball" was filmed. The cave was beautiful with multiple entrances and exits.

bahamas thunderball cave

After the Exumas we went to Georgetown. The passage was a bit rough but the Bergs managed to push through it!  In Georgetown we met up with our friends from Staniel Cay, the gang from Pro Leezure.

Pro Leezure consists of three friends- Rachel, Grom, and Gary.  They have been sailing from North Carolina to the Bahamas, a real life non-stop Bahamas island vacation. When they harbour they teach kiteboarding lessons in whatever area they are in!  Pro Leezure is not really a company, but a lifestyle! Check for a blog post on them soon.

pro leezure

The wind was good one day, so Rachel donned a swish suit and hit the water. She looked great but more importantly, she loved the stretch of the suit as it allowed her maximum flexibility to perform her tricks.

Kiteboarding in our Women's Shorty Wetsuit

Our last night there we all headed to the Junkanoo celebration downtown. Junkanoo is street parade with live music that celebrates the slave's freedom.

Chelsea and Pro Leezure at Junkanoo

What did you do over break? Tell us here. Swish wants to know!