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7 Steps to Mastering the Beach Babe Trend: A guide to proper beaching by Kaila

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We are so excited to have Kaila, the owner and the creator of Blonde Traveler, as our guest blogger! I have spent some of my best times being shown around Thailand by this wicked cool girl. This week Kaila will be bringing you "7 Steps to Mastering the Beach Babe Trend" as she is an expert at beach "babe-ness" and very qualified to show you the ropes! Kaila spent an entire year chasing the best beaches in Southeast Asia, before finally moving to Thailand, where she eventually settled on Koh Phangan, home to some of the best beaches in the world. She has spent many years perfecting the art of beaching in SEA, and plans to continue so into the distant future.

A Little Bit About Kaila

Kaila was born in Canada but her heart is in Thailand, where she now lives on Koh Phangan, developing www.BlondeTraveler.com – a travel support service for women in Southeast Asia – and frolicking on the beach whenever possible.

For more about Kaila and Blonde Traveler please visit BlondeTraveler.com or connect via their facebook page.
"7 Steps to Mastering the Beach Babe Trend"
By Kaila

Not going diving today? Hit the beach! You'll have everyone wishing they were you if you can pull off these awesome beach babe


1)    Look awesome without make-up: Can't believe it's possible? Gasp! It is! Believe it or not, your natural beauty gets hidden under the layers of make-up, and guys dig the au-natural look. Put some extra-virgin coconut oil in your hair to condition it and make it shine, and a light moisturizer with SPF.  That's it. You're set! The sun will lightly bronze your skin, giving you an amazing complexion that you could only dream of with make-up. If you must, a few strokes of waterproof mascara never killed anybody.

2)    Wear a bikini that fits: There's nothing sexy about a girl having to continually adjust her bikini.  If you want to wear something extra skimpy, go ahead, but make sure you can move in it without having to adjust the bust of pull the bottoms up every five minutes.

3)   Don't turn into a lobster: Nothing says beach amateur like skin with an orangy-red glow. Beach babes know how to bronze themselves without burning, just like, when you were a kid, you mastered how to toast a marshmallow without having it burst into flames. You've heard all the rules before – don't tan during peak hours (1 to 3pm), wear SPF, rotate, take breaks, drink water, etc. But so many of us ignore them. Don't. Pay attention to your skin – it's your largest organ and everyone can see it.



4)    Be conscious of conservative cultures: When I was in Bali, I saw all kinds of girls sunbathing topless. I had half a mind to go up to them and tell them how culturally insensitive they were being. The Balinese are a conservative culture and topless sunbathing is a major no-no there. The same goes for most beaches in Southeast Asia, and indeed, in many parts of the world. Consult a guidebook or a local before engaging in any kind of risque behaviour.

5)    Show of your skills: Bring a volleyball with you, even if you have no one to play with. Put it beside your towel as you bask in the sunlight. It's likely someone will come up to you and ask you to play with them. If they don't, pick up the ball, throw it in the air, and see how many times you can volley or set it. If you see others watching you, ask them if they'd like to join in. Before you know it, you'll have a full-on game going on. Make sure to volley with bent knees, coming up as the ball hits your arms. You'll look like a pro.

6)    Do not, under ANY circumstances, take a jumping photo: Everyone has at least one – a photo of them with their legs and arms in the air. These photos are soooooooo 1999. Beach babes don't pose – they get their photo taken in natural positions doing natural movements.

7)   Be ultra-friendly: There's nothing more off-putting than someone on the beach who's rude, unfriendly, and scowling. People lounging on the beach are prone to feeling happy, and want to share that feeling with others. Look around you and smile! Be friendly to local vendors who are trying to sell you a friendship bracelet or some fruit. Make them laugh if you can. Help a child build a sandcastle. Pet a stray beach dog. Others will see your kind nature and be instantly attracted to your beach babe awesomeness.