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5 Quick and Easy Tips to Green Your Day!

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Hello all! There are so many words being thrown about in the eco world today- sustainability, ecological, environmentally friendly, nature friendly, environmentally safe, etc- that it can be quite overwhelming to know where to start when trying to green your life.

As you know, Swish Suits is dedicated to not just bringing you a product, but a lifestyle. So we have compiled a little guide for you. Just five easy steps from morning to night to dramatically green your life, because here at Swish Suits, we think green is sexy!

1) Water:

Water is necessity in life, however bottled water is not.  If you live in a place where you are lucky enough to be able to drink tap water, go for it! Bottled water is actually devoid of many of the minerals we need.  If you live in a place where the tap water is unsuitable for drinking, then buy the large jugs of water at your local store.  Many have a recycling programs where they refill them.

Also try to cut back on non-drinking water in your daily life. . . Do you really need that 30 minute shower every day, or would a 10 or 20 minute shower suffice?

eco water

2) Food

Most people are so focused on eating organically.  While organic is normally better, the cons outweigh the pros if it has to be shipped a long way. Think about all the energy it takes to ship produce across the country in refrigerated trucks.  Instead try to eat locally.  Go check out your latest farmer's market with your friends. Make a day out of it and then cook something tasty together!

In regards to proteins, try to limit yourself as energy concentration increases as you move up the food chain.  However, do indulge when you want to, but try to eat free range or locally.  As always: STAY AWAY FROM ALL FISH AND SEAFOOD ON THE RED LIST.

Jean Talon Market, Montreal

3) Energy:

Switch to energy conserving bulbs in your house and office.  Also be sure to turn off all lights when not in use.  These are pretty basic, but an often neglected area is unplugging all chargers, appliances, etc when they are not in use.

4) Transport:

Now I know that we have  heard the preaching about the evils of driving a car so I will try to keep it to a minimum here. Most people seem to think that driving a car is a convience, however I find the opposite to be true if you live in a metropolitan area.  I find bikes and public transport the best as you do not waste your time driving around looking for parking, and are free to come and go as you please!

If you must drive, why not carpool with a friend?  It can be fun and provide much needed social stimulation before and after hectic days.  Have a contest to see who can come up with the best playlist! Here is one of our favorites lately with really happy morning music:

  • Bring Me Your Cup- The Beautiful Girls
  • Come Let Go- Xavier Rudd
  • Baby-Bebel Gilberto
  • Beautiful- Damien Marley & Bobby Brown
  • Golden Years- David Bowie
  • Drinking in LA- Bran Van 3000
  • Trapped by Love- Manu Chao
  • Axe Bahia- Capoeira
  • City Livin'- G Love and the Special Sauce
  • Sweet Honey- Slightly Stoopid

Now crank it up and have a good time on the way to work with your friends!

4) Detox Your Stuff!

We collect too many things in life. I am traveling at the moment and am kind of a nomad, so all my things fit into two bags--personal and dive kit.  Since I am down to what I really need, I feel a sense of simplicity and calm!  It's liberating.

Try detoxing your closet, drawers, etc; donate or recycle what you do not use. Most areas have salvation army pickup outside your door, or donate to a local women's shelter. You will feel so much better! In the future think before you buy something impulsively: Did you plan to buy this? How much will you use it?  Do you really need it, or do you have something just like it?

5) Live, Love, and Play!

Now this one might seem kind of off base, but hear me out.  By exercising more, seeing friends more, being outdoors, and basically just breathing we consume less.  Less TV is watched, less harmful foods are eaten, more lights are turned off, etc.  By relying on ourselves for entertainment we cut out a lot of the energy consuming things in our life.  So go for a run on the beach, head to a yoga, create a picnic with local foods, grab your friends and head to a salsa class. . . There are so many options! Basically just get out there!

Ok so I hope that this will help you green your day a bit. And remember: Eco is SEXY!  I am off to dance a bit on the beach with my friends. . . turning off and unplugging as I go along!

Eco Friendly Friends


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